Spells - How do they work in 3rd

Can someone explain in 3rd how Spells work or are they inactive at this point. I dont understand spell dice, dispell dice, how to roll, what spellcaste power works etc.

Mhh … they work just like in 2nd edition. (I.e. Lightning (4) gives you 4 dice to cast with.) Spellcaster power is for future expansions and dispell dice I haven’t heard of myself yet. But I’m quite new to KOW :grin:

You’re looking for more than there is.

Spells work like shooting attacks and happen in the ranged phase.
A unit (usually an individual hero) choses one of their spells the ranged phase and rolls the number in brackets of dice to hit. What happens if hits are scored depends on the spell.

There are no dispel dice on KoW.

The caster level do not do anything unless casting hex at the moment, they’re there to work off on future supplements.n

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just to add a couple more pouints

  1. spells always hit on a basic of 4 + and are nt affected by caster moving normally. Some get a -1 to hit now for the same things as shooting. The spell table in the book says which

  2. No casting if you are disordered or waivered

  3. Some can be cast INTO combat, they are marked CC (combat cast)

There is a magic supplement planned this year - its meant for narrative play not competitions and will have some powerful new spells associated with “planes” that you can also fight in

@Wargamer_Stu, @DarkBlack So if they hit they go off basically. Understood. Thanks for responding. If you roll two ones is not miscast or anything?

Also, a spell like Fireball hits on a 4+ and then i roll to damage based on the casters “Me” value and the number of attacks that caster has is the number of attacks i roll for damage? Does the defending unit get to roll against the casters “Me” with their “De” values?


You are quite far off, you might want the rulebook. :grin:
The caster rolls one dice per number in the spell description. If Fireball (10) roll ten dice. Each 4+ is a hit. Roll to damage against the targets De value.
The defending unit never roll saves in KoW, but hopefully they have a high enough De and Nerve to withstand the damage, and keep your fingers crossed your opponent rolls low. :wink:

No miscasts per se, but if your opponent has cast Hex on your wizard before your turn, the wizard will suffer damage per success rolled, basically a spell blowing up in his face (but it still succeeds).


To work it through for you…
My wizard has Fireball (10) and shoots at a De 4+ target.

I throw 10*D6 to hit needing 4 or more.
All the hits then roll against the enemies De, so in this case also needing 4 or more to kill.

So I might get 5 hits becoming 3 wounds from my 10 dice with fairly average rolls.