Spells into battle

Shooting into battle is impossible. Spells follow the same targeting rules as shooting, unless specified otherwise.

We have some possibilities:

  1. Spells with dices in their title
    Zap, Stun, Fireball
    They behave same as shoot - they get additional dice for clear LOS.
    It is clear. Can not be cast into battle.

  2. Spells without dice in the title.
    Does not get additional dice for clear LOS.
    The missing dice is just a minor change to targeting so lets split it furhter.

  3. Area effect of spells.
    The area of spell does not require nor allow targeting.
    Yet some spells can be freely placed.
    Fire Ball Breath. Earthquake,
    Is breath afected by battle?

  4. Positive spells usually have speciified that they can be cast at engaged models.
    Heal, Feel the Burn, Celestial Screen, Hold Fast
    They are obviouse
    What with other positive (casted at friendly units) spells?

  5. Spells that do not require LOS.
    Mind Storm, Fear the Darkness, Horrify
    Can they be cast into battle?

  6. Spells with automatic hit and without a hit at all.
    Torment, Immolation, Slave to the Flame
    Vengeful Flock (actually area effect spell)
    Does the no need to hit target quallify to be cast into battle?