***SPOILERS*** Dwarf Lore Talk

SPOILERS for Pride of a King!
Also the topic, so read the book first.

Pride of a King, the first of at least 4 dwarf novels set in Pannithor is out as an ebook !

What did you think?
I thought it was great!

We now know about how dwarf society is structured, at last.
I also like the Imperial vs Free dwarf narritive. Certainly fertile ground for narrative gaming and “in character” smack talk (Imperial Dwarf players may need to pretend not to know THE BIG REVEAL though).
The religious dynamic makes sense and is interesting too.

It was also great getting to know the legendary heroes.
The two best characters are the ones that got kicked out of the Claansvelt early though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s an interview with Ben Stoddard about Pride of a King on the Winged Hussar Podcast.