***SPOILERS*** Dwarf Lore Talk

SPOILERS for Pride of a King!
Also the topic, so read the book first.

Pride of a King, the first of at least 4 dwarf novels set in Pannithor is out as an ebook !

What did you think?
I thought it was great!

We now know about how dwarf society is structured, at last.
I also like the Imperial vs Free dwarf narritive. Certainly fertile ground for narrative gaming and “in character” smack talk (Imperial Dwarf players may need to pretend not to know THE BIG REVEAL though).
The religious dynamic makes sense and is interesting too.

It was also great getting to know the legendary heroes.
The two best characters are the ones that got kicked out of the Claansvelt early though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s an interview with Ben Stoddard about Pride of a King on the Winged Hussar Podcast.

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I didnt want to respond to early.

The second book will be big story in what happened.

Mantic said each big campaign is 10 years on from, so in theory this is about 10 years ago in pannithor with the twilight kin attempted invasion of the north.

I think there is a bit in the opening letter written by a human of what will happens. In a name of the war.

I think ive said in another thread the last imperial character to speak in the book is huge to the whole future. His decisions are huge to the future.

I think broken alliance is the next one till book 2 comes out.


Forgot to say, in the first kings of war rule book the big reveal is hinted at.


Is this in print yet? Or just digital still?

It’s in print.

Ok, couldn’t see it on the Mantic site, will look again

I must admit, i’d prefer the printed version but in the end went digital. Still would like the book.

I’m going mad sure i read Ben was halfway through the second book.

Few stone claws sneaking in perhaps to book 2.

How to avoid spoilers…

Free and imperial close to civil war nothing new there, but the dividing lines are interesting here. Big reveal surely comes out to more than the reader and a few characters.

Still think due to each god being more popular in free and imperial an imperial list should have fire elememtal. Certainly with the story.

Winged Hussar does the lore novels:

Also available from book retailers.

I recall reading similar.
Being half way with draft if not the same as being halfway done though.

There is a blur spoiler funtion on this forum.

Check the little gear icon on the text function menu.

That said, this thread is marked:
Anyone who wants to avoid spoilers should not be reading this thread.

My impression is that Fulgria is more “forge fire” than “elemental fire”.
There could definitely be more to the flamesmith keyword though.

Bannick was out warning Rordin and will likely be spreading the word.
The question is how far the Imperial vs Free war escalates before Banick gets taken seriously.

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Last chapter, Rordin seemed to be hiding, who is he hiding from, maybe he is aware of danger already, does he think its from Free or Imperial or even G

Abbysal D sit back watch the carnage and destroy the remnants after. Ben has done a great job on setting it up, where ever he takes it.

Free dwarves would surely struggle in all out war spread accross Estacarr and a small amount of Halpi re conquered.

This question is why I need the next book NOW!

That seems to be the plan. Well written.

How will Banick and Garrek get the other dwarfs together to face the common foe?
Herneas has probably figured it out too, or is about to.

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Love all the theories and feedback!

Madly scribbles notes on the conversation

Keep it coming! Also, feel free to ask me questions and I’ll answer what I can without giving things away for the next novel…


I think i’ve seen that the plan is 2 books and 3 books.
Is it going to be 2 or 3?

Also be interested to know before you started the first book have you planned the whole story or are you planning by book?

There will be 3 books. I have the broad strokes and main events that need to happen planned out for each book, but I wait until I’m actually writing the specific novel before I plan out the details, and sometimes the direction the story takes changes in ways I wasn’t expecting.


Thanks Ben for your answers,

Do you play KOW? And what is your faction/s?

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I do play Kings of War. I have a dwarf army (obviously) but also a forces of the Abyss, a nightstalker, an elf, a goblin, an ogre, and now working on a twilight kin army.



Thanks for the pictures, nice colour schemes.

I’d love the time to get back to painting and finishing off my 5 armies. Drifted away from GW a lomg time ago, but always looked it up now and again. stumbled on mantic late on version 1.
Got me back into it, not so much a player, found the free dwarves story interesting. Love the lore overall. Buy a few models now and again, write a few army lists.
Wouldnt go anywhere but Pannithor now.

Did have a thought maybe Golloch has just been badly advised by his chief advisers. Like Rhordia with the halflings in the league, he just doesnt realise he is being tricked.
Suspect not.
Rordin seems the only one who can stop the imperial side either via removal of Golloch or an imperial civil war but needs a big moment to convince enough clans.

I imagined prior to the rift and your books, that the free dwarves in the sorrows mountains holds, would have suited the imperials as a road block to invasions via sorrows without giving up a lot. Let the free’s have the lower sea of carrog.

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