Spring Cleanup - or finding an army for models that are sitting in the box

So as part of overcoming the waiting time until the Firefight starter box and the German version of KoW arrives (which could have been here earlier if I did not made the mistake to combine those two as I expected the rulebook to come later) and to get some hobby motivation back I went thru some of the old models/armies that are around which I never finished for different reasons (or better said it was always the same reason, GW messed up the army or the game while I was in the middle of building it, and on the shelf they went)

I will make a new post for each one and put in a list of the models I have and the army list I think work best
C&C welcome, though I want to avoid buying new models for those (conversion or scratch building is fine)

PS: I am not very familiar with the original English names of the Warhammer models, so please forgive if I mess those up


Collection of various 5th-7th Edition Warhammer Empire models (GW and non GW)

1 Boris Wüterich (Elector Count)
1 Grandmaster of the knights of the blazing Sun
1 Grandmaster of Order of the Panther
1 Grandmaster of the White Wolf
1 Karl Franz on Griffon (5th, metal)
1 war altar (metal)
1 Vorn Thugenheim, Standard Bearer of Middenheim
1 Luther Huss
1 Valten on horse
1 Ulric priest
1 Ulric priest on horse
1 Technicus mit muskete
1 Pegasus (with Hero, conversion, plastic)
6 Wizards (plastic, different magic orders, 5th Edi)

1 Cannon (5th)
1 Cannon (plastic)
2 mortars (5th)
1 bundle cannone (6. Edi Metall)
1 Steamtank, 4th edi

4 Knights of the White Wolf (metal)
1 Standardbearer Knights of the White Wolf (metal)
5 light Cavalry with muskets (conversion, 6th/8th Edi plastic)
8 Knight bodies (plastic)
30 Mantic Horses
6 Chaos Horses (plastic)
10 Chaos Hounds
6 Thunderwolves (not GW, metal)
24 Teutogen Guard
20 Statetroops (5. Edi, 2nd Hand)
25 Halberds (5. Edi, 2nd Hand)
20 Halberds (5. Edi)
19 Musketeers (6. Edi plastic, 5. Edi metal)
1 Gunner from the War Waggon
5 Hunters (conversion, plastic)
25 State Troops (5. Edi)
20 Militia (6. Edi)
30 Flagellanten (5. Edi /6. Edi metal, 7. Edi plastic)
40 Mercenaries 1450-1500 (Perry)
38 Knights on Foot 1450-1500 (Perry)

1 Box WGA Halflings
1 Box Helldorado Okzident + Götz von Berlichingen

the army list:

League of Rhordia

  • Pole-Arms Block (Regiment) 105
  • Pole-Arms Block (Regiment) 105
  • Pole-Arms Block (Regiment) 105
  • Foot Guard (Regiment) 135
    • Indomitable Will 10
    • Exchange shields for two-handed weapons 0
  • Foot Guard (Regiment) 135
  • Indomitable Will 10
  • Exchange shields for two-handed weapons 0
  • Crossbow Block (Troop) 85
    • Exchange Crossbows for Rifles: 10
  • Crossbow Block (Troop) 85
    • Exchange Crossbows for Rifles 10
  • Honour Guard (Horde) 240
    • Sir Jesse’s Boots of Striding 15
    • Indomitable Will 10
  • Knights (Regiment) 195
    • Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar 20
  • Battle Shrine [1] 150
  • Cannon 100
  • Cannon 100
  • Wizard 50
    • Replace Fireball (6) with Lightning Bolt (3) 0
    • Knowledgeable [1] - Spellcaster tier +1 10
    • Library Barkskin [1] (5) 25
  • Wizard 50
    • Amulet of the Fireheart 10
    • Mount on a Pegasus 35
    • 2nd Spell for 20
  • Baron 60
    • Blade of Slashing 5
    • Mount on a Horse 25
  • Baron 60
    • Lute of Insatiable Darkness 25

Total Unit Strength: 24
Total Units: 16
Points: 2000

the Ulric priest will become Wizards, the Standard Bearer of Middenheim will be the Baron on Foot, the Baron on horse one of the Grandmasters (White Wolf of Panther), with the Knights going to be converted from the plastic bodies and Mantic horses to be Knights Panther
Hornour Guard are the Knights of the White Wolf on Thunderwolves, 3 of them for a Horde as the Wolves are too big to fit more (alternative here would be to use the Chaos Horses and Hounds to make Horse like Hounds and use all 5 of them for a Horde)
and the Foot Guard are the Teutogen Guard (12 per regiment is short 6 models but those are bulky)

to expand to 2300 points the options are a 2nd Regiment Knights + Baron or Duke on horse (Baron, the 2nd Grandmaster, Duke the Elctor Count); or Duke auf Aralez (Griffon) + Halflings; or Dogs of War + Duke


Khorne (7th Editon GW/non-GW and some models for a 40k Khorne army)

painted/partly painted:

3 Heroes on Juggernaut (metal, converted)
1 Heroe on Pegasus/Horse (Conversion)
2 Heroes
1 Wizard
1 Wizard on Chariot
1 Blood Daemon/Shaggoth (metal)
1 Daemonenprinz
1 Khorne Gun (conversion, SciFi, metal)
12 Chaos Knights
10 Maurauder Horseman
10 Marauder
10 Chaos Hounds
20 Blood Hounds/Chaos Hounds (SciFi conversion)
4 Chaos Ogres
2 Spawns
2 Dragon Ogres

1 Lord on Chimera (metal, non GW, 50mm Base)
20 Marauder
10 Chaos Hounds
12 Marauder (2nd Hand)

12 Warriors (conversion, Halberd)
12 Warriors (2nd Hand)
5 Knights
5 Horseman
10 Knights (2nd Hand)
5 Horseman (2nd Hand)
2 Dragon Ogres

of course this will be Varangur, yet I always wanted some historical Viking themed models for those, it is the best fit for the models.
that said, there are some models with multiple unit choices:

Shaggoth, because it is a large model and mine has wings, it could be anything from a Lord on Chimera, a Jabberwock or Giant
Spawn → Cavern Dweller, Fallen
Ogres → Snow Trolls, Fallen
Dragon Ogres → Fallen, Cavern Dweller
Marauders → Reavers, Night Raiders, Human Clansmen, Draugr (mainly depending on the weapon used for the models and the paint job, and for Night Raiders I could mix some Hounds into the unit to represent the Aura Upgrade)

the planned army list:


  • Draugr (Regiment) 75
  • Draugr (Regiment) 75
  • Night Raiders (Regiment) 140
    • Wolf Handlers [3] 15
  • Tundra Wolves (Troop) 115
  • Tundra Wolves (Troop) 115
  • Huscarls (Regiment) 225
  • Cavern Dweller 210
  • Mounted Sons of Korgaan (Regiment) 215
    • Upgrade with a Brand of the Warrior, gaining Brutal 10
  • Mounted Sons of Korgaan (Regiment) 215
    • Upgrade with a Brand of the Warrior, gaining Brutal 10
  • Horse Raiders* (Troop) 105
    • Exchange Shortbows for Throwing Axes 0
  • Horse Raiders* (Troop) 105
    • Exchange Shortbows for Throwing Axes 0
  • Thegn on Frostfang 125
  • Thegn on Frostfang 125
  • Magus 90
    • Bane Chant (2) 20

Total Unit Strength: 22
Total Units: 14
Points: 1990

the Horse Raiders could be exchanged for a 2nd Cavern Dweller (equal points) and I could cut upgrades for another Spell for the Magus

to expand to 2300 points it would be either a Lord on Chimera; or a Horde Fallen + Skald,; or a Regiment Fallen + Cursed Son

I tried to make a list with the new Formation, as I have enough models to make 2 Regiments Horse Raiders, but failed to get something useful with the rest
Also using 2 Thegn on Frostfang instead of a Regiment or Horde because I think the single heroes are better than the Regiment, and not sure if the 3 models looks good as Horde

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the 3rd army is a wired one as it came up while I was searching for something different
I sued some of the Empire models to build human mercenaries for Warmachine/Hordes, so have some spare Pirates
while there is also a not finished Stormcast Army from 1st Edi core box models, partly converted to fit into 2nd Edition and by now I know that I will never play that game
initially those were planned to be also used in KoW too so some more not yet build models are around

1 Captain Montador (Warmachine Pirate Warcaster)
10 Pirates with Pistols
3 Pirates with Musket
20 Salamander
1 Pirate with 2 Swords (Reaper)
1 ghostly Pirate, Ragman (Warmachine)
1 Elf + Body Guard (Aiyana & Holt, Warmachine)
1 Placoderm Defender (Mantic)
1 Lt Kruger (Raging Heroes)
1 Faceless Mother (Raging Heroes)
1 Lady Sigrith (Raging Heroes)
Sam McHorn and the Devil Dogs (Warmachine, 6 models)
2 Wyrm Models (Warmachine)

10 Stormcast with Hammer
10 Stormcast with 2 handed weapons (Axe, Hammer, Mace)
5 Stormcast with Spear
6 winged Stormcast with Spear
2 Drakon Rider Heroes
2 Heroes

in this case I added some pics for a better overview what those models are

For the combined theme, this would be pirates with animated armour, or living statues (either as animated treasure in gold or extra build working machines) in a more ghost/otherworldly colour scheme (thinking of Path of Exile here)

Forces of Nature

  • Gladewalker Druid 90
  • Shroud of the Saint 25
  • Surge (8) 30
  • Ring of Harmony [1] 25
  • Forest Warden 90
  • Forest Warden 90
  • Beast of Nature 150
    • Upgrade with Wings 40
    • Increase Attacks 15
  • Earth Elementals (Horde) 220
  • Earth Elementals (Horde) 220
  • Scorchwings* (Regiment) 120
  • Scorchwings* (Regiment) 120
  • Fire Elementals (Horde) 220
  • Fire Elementals (Horde) 220
  • Naiad Heartpiercers (Regiment) 160
  • Naiad Heartpiercers (Regiment) 160

Total Unit Strength: 24
Total Units: 14
Points: 2000

for 2300 points, a 2nd Beast of Nature + Naid Stalker

Captain Montador will be the Gladewalker Druid, the 2 Stormcast Heroes the Forest Wardens and the Pirates, mixed with the Stormcast with Spears will be the Heartpiercers
the twohanded weaponed Stormcast for Fire Elementals and Hammer+Shield ones for Earth Elementals, both mixed with some Pirates (or the Devil Dogs) and/or Salamander models (converted to pirates)

Beast of Nature could be either the Drakon riders or the Wyrm (which fits better to the theme although neither has wings) or one of the winged Stormcast, as 3 of them hardly fit a regiment base anyway (to have something with wings at leas)

I am not very happy with using Stormcast Heroes with this theme, so replacing the Wardens with Druids would be better and Ragman would be a perfect model for it but I miss a 2nd one that fits
Using Ayiana as Druid and Holt as Stalker would be possible, but they are not very pirate like, so I tend more to either use the faceless mother or Lady Sigrith

Another possibility would be to use the Faceless Mother as Gladewalker Druid and the Captain and Ragman as Druid (with the possibility that the Captain be Keris, because he comes with a gun that fits the special attack)

the other list

Forces of Nature

  • Naiad Heartpiercers (Regiment) - Pirates + Spear Stormcast
  • Naiad Heartpiercers (Regiment) - Pirates + Spear Stormcast
  • Earth Elementals (Horde) - Hammer+Shield Stormcast
  • Earth Elementals (Horde) - Hammer+Shield Stormcast
  • Fire Elementals (Horde) - Zweihänder Stormcast
  • Fire Elementals (Horde) - Zweihänder Stormcast
  • Scorchwings* (Regiment) - 2 winged Stormcast
  • Scorchwings* (Regiment) - 2 winged Stormcast
  • Beast of Nature - winged Stormcast-Champion
    • Upgrade with Wings
    • Increase Attacks
  • Druid - Ragman
    • Surge (4)
  • Keris[1] - Captain Montador
    • Surge (8)
  • Gladewalker Druid - The Faceless Mother
    • Shroud of the Saint
    • Surge (8)
    • Ring of Harmony [1]

Points: 2000

  • Beast of Nature - winged Stormcast-Champion
    • Upgrade with Wings
    • Increase Attacks
  • Naiad Stalker - Pirate with 2 Pistols

Points: 2300

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Part 4:
Yes after ~20 years in the hobby the pile of shame is that large

Daemons of Tzeentch models:
Tzeentch Dämonen:

1 Greater Daemon/Prince
2 Daemonprince
3 Heroes on disc
1 named Hero
6 large fire Daemons
9 small fire Daemons
18 pink Horrors
40 yellow Horrors
10 generic/different Daemons
4 screamers
Gargoyles (metal)
20 Bloodhounds (same as above)
1 bag of bodies and heads

those are all scratchbuilt/conversion

Forces of the Abyss

  • Manifestation of Ba’el[1] 265
  • Abyssal Warlock 90
    • Bane Chant (2) 20
    • Drain Life (6) 30
  • Abyssal Warlock 90
    • Veil of Shadows (2) [1] 25
  • Abyssal Warlock 90
    • Library Scorched Earth (2) 20
  • Abyssal Fiend 175
  • Abyssal Fiend 175
  • Flamebearers (Regiment) 155
  • Flamebearers (Regiment) 155
  • Abyssal Ghouls (Regiment) 90
  • Abyssal Ghouls (Regiment) 90
  • Abyssal Ghouls (Regiment) 90
  • Tortured Souls (Horde) 200
  • Hellhounds* (Troop) 120
  • Hellhounds* (Troop) 120

Total Unit Strength: 23
Total Units: 16
Points: 2000

  • Hellhounds* (Troop) 120
  • Hellhounds* (Troop) 120
  • artifacts/spells
    Points: 2300

the big question here is if I should remove the bases and put them on multibases or just use movement trays

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Part 5 (or 2.5 part two, because those came along the way rather than I have had those in mind at the start)
this are models from 2 Raging Heroes Kickstarters, some models linked with pics

The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy:
1 Medic
1 Standard Bearer
1 Radio Operator
1 Commander Drakkan

10 heavy Infantry Kurganovas Troops
15 heavy Infantry Iron Empire Troops
15 heavy Infantry Iron Empire Command
15 light Infantry Iron Empire Troops
various heavy weapons

Sisters of Eternal Mercy:
1 Ardanna
1 Rythali-in
1 Celenia
1 Mona
1 Huntress

5 Nuns with Guns
5 light melee Infantry (Davidians) Troop
5 light melee Infantry (Davidians) Command
5 Infantry (Exemplar Sisters) Troop
5 Infantry (Exemplar Sisters) Command
5 Jump Infantery (Icariates) Troop
5 Jump Infantery (Icariates) Command

Single models that came for free with the KS
1 one of the Lulu’s
1 Cyborg
1 Jetgirl
1 Raven
1 Onyx
1 Liligrith
1 Shaliah
1 Zailith
1 Heleria
1 Sigrith
1 Lt Kruger
1 Xarsiss
1 Sinzirith
1 Lady Melith
1 Svetlana
1 Kristina
1 Lt Parker
3 Tank Commander (Jaheda, Ash, Lucy)

So the overall plan here is to make the TGG into a GCPS list for Firefight, I have 3 MDF transport vehicles from Miniature Scenery that will fit as Mule for them and 3 different Armour Types, so models for Marines, Veterans and Rangers
there are enough models to make attachments, and specialists
Some of the Single Heroes could combine into a Rebel Deadzone list or another GCPS list
Not sure about the Sister of Etenral Mercy, as those are not enough to make their own list (and not really fit any of the FireFight lists anway) but if I take the models with Jump Pack as Mono-Bikes, I could mix them into the GCPS list (Davidians as Riot Troops could be neat)

an extra post for the army lists (for easy editing later when I get my rulebook for FireFight) for the above models:

TGG: GCPS list (FireFight)
Marine Major +2 Veterans (Drakkan, Radio Operator, Standard)
Ranger Lieutenant (Svetlana)
10 Marines (IE light Infantry)
10 Veterans (IE heavy Infantry)
5 Veterans (IE heavy Infantry)
2 Mule
Medic + 2 Marines (IE light Infantry)
5 Rangers
5 Rangers
~1000 points

SEM: Asterian List (FireFight):
Cypther Prime (Mona)
Kalyshi Deathstrike (Rythali-in)
5 Cyphers (Exemplar Sisters)
5 Cyphers (Exemplar Sisters)
5 Wardens (Nuns with Guns)
7 Kalyshi (Davidians)
5 Black Talon (Icariates)
5 Black Talon (Icariates)
~1000 points

Part 6, Warmachine/Hordes Mercenaries
partly painted, lot of metal models

6 Horgenhold Forge Guard
20 Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps
3 Tactical Arcanist Corps
6 Captain Sam MacHorne & the Devil Dogs
10 Kayazy Assasins
2 Kayazy Eliminators
10 Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters
3 Ogrun Bokur (conversion)
1 Herne & Jonne
5 Steelhead Heavy Cavalry (conversion)
1 Horgenhold Artillery Corps

1 Ghordson Driller
1 Ghordson Basher
2 Grundback Blaster
2 Grundback Gunner
1 Mule/Nomad/Rover (plastic with magnets)
1 Nomad (metal)
1 Rocinante (conversion, metal)
1 Gallant
1 Vanguard
1 Lancer
1 Firefly

1 Stannis Brocker, Steelhead Commander (conversion)
1 Lady Aiyana & Master Holt
1 Eiryss, Angel of Retribution
1 Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
1 Kell Bailoch
1 Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord
1 Thor Steinhammer

1 Constance Blaize, Knight of the Prophet
1 Gastone Crosse
1 Drake MacBain
1 General Ossrum
1 Durgen Madhammer
1 Gorten Grundback

1 Brun Cragback & Lug
1 Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath
1 Wrong Eye & Snapjaw

pics for painted/converted models: (Example 1, Example 2, Example 3)

Difficult here, Dwarf heavy but not enough for a full list (I would have some more from other armies, as you can never have enough Dwarfs but less Steampunky)
Once thought of using Abyssal Dwarfs for it, but also Free Dwarfs would be an option (mixing in the Pathfinder-Dwarfs won’t break the Steampunk theme much) but missing a non-dwarf faction (were Abyssal ones have Orcs that could go for Humans)

Northern Alliance would be an option, if (big if) the Warjacks would count as Ice Elemental (mixing the big dwarf ones with the small dwarf ones for the ranged attacks, and adding the medium human ones to have models for 2 hordes), and the Gun Corps as Dwarf Clansmen (no ranged attack but big shields)
Would be the best list to mix Elves, Dwarfs and Humans as well as having solo hero and monster options

edit: possible list:
Northern Alliance

  • Dwarf Clansmen (Regiment) 115
  • Dwarf Clansmen (Regiment) 115
  • Dwarf Clansmen (Troop) 75
    • Exchange shields for two-handed Frost Hammers 0
  • Ice Kin Hunters (Regiment) 180
  • Cavern Dweller 210
  • Pack Hunters (Regiment) 145
    • Exchange Shortbows for Javelins 10
  • Ice Elementals (Horde) 240
  • Ice Elementals (Horde) 240
  • Ice Kin Bolt Thrower 95
  • Ice-Queen 80
    • Surge (8) 30
  • Ice-Queen 80
    • Surge (8) 30
  • Ice-Queen 80
    • Blizzard (2) [1] 30
  • Ice Blade 105
  • Ice Kin Master Hunter 115

Total Unit Strength: 19
Total Units: 14
Points: 1975

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last but not least something else I found along the way


Death Engine (sprue)
Katapult (sprue with parts for cannon)

Island of Blood

1 War Chief
1 half a Warlock (body/head seems missing)
2 Ogres
2 Mortars
2 Flame Thrower
26 Rats

1 War Chief
1 Warlock
2 Ogres
1 Mortars
1 Flame Thrower
41 Rats

yeah, could stretch the infantry by mixing in the weapon teams, but it won’t really look like a swarm


  • Shock Troops (Regiment) 130
    • Plague Pots 15
    • Upgrade with Heavy Halberds, gaining Phalanx 15
  • Shock Troops (Regiment) 130
    • Plague Pots 15
    • Upgrade with Heavy Halberds, gaining Phalanx 15
  • Shock Troops (Regiment) 130
    • Plague Pots 15
    • Upgrade with Heavy Halberds, gaining Phalanx 15
  • Shock Troops (Horde) 220
    • Plague Pots 15
    • Upgrade with Heavy Halberds, gaining Phalanx 25
  • Nightmares (Horde) 235
  • Weapon Team 85
  • Shredder 90
  • Death Engine Spewer 200
  • Death Engine Impaler 180
  • Warlock 90
    • Bane Chant (3) 30
  • Warlock 90
    • Bane Chant (3) 30
  • War Chief 85
    • Aura (Vicious (Melee) - Infantry only) 15
  • War Chief 85
    • Aura (Vicious (Melee) - Infantry only) 15

Total Unit Strength: 18
Total Units: 13
Points: 1970

For now it looks like I catched everything that was not already an active project

To get things done, doing the Forces of Nature and Abyss first as those just need new bases and paint (and should come good with an easy/fast scheme)

The only models I am not sure about are the Skaven, while I like the Doomwheel as a model, the rest is not, so selling them off might be the best

A) I love me some Kings of Warmachine!
B) I can see the struggle with trying to focus on the stunties but needing lots of friends to make it work. AD does seem the best for pure Rhulic, so I made a 1000 pointer that could get the Dwarf part moving:

Abyssal Dwarfs 1000
Lesser Obsidian Golems (Horde) 215 [Driller + Basher + Blasters + Gunners]
– Upgrade with a Charnox 30
Decimators (Regiment) 155 [10 Gun Corps]
Decimators (Regiment) 155 [10 Gun Corps]
Blacksouls (Troop) 75 [6 Forge Guard]
– Exchange shields for two-handed weapons 0
Angkor Heavy Mortar 115 [Artillery Corps]
Overmaster 105 [Madhammer / Grundback / Ossrum]
– Wings of Honeymaze 40
Iron-caster 90 [Thor]
– Tome of Darkness 20

The Wings are a bit of a game play concession but frankly any of those warcasters could just be casting reposition 20’ or something :sweat_smile: And/or they’re steam-powered armor propels them for techno-magick reasons.

EDIT: If the fit is tight with all those jacks, I’d be tempted to base the Basher on its own 50mm for Grotesque Champion purposes, since it’s such a weird one style-wise. Let the Driller wade along with an ocean of little gun bunnies.

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