Started the Plague faction

Wanted a new warband, got some Plague 30% off from a local shop, so using the weekend to paint those up! :slight_smile:

Plague Teraton



One of the best colour schemes I’ve seen for The Plague. That Teraton is marvellous.


Very nice, always good to see some Deadzone. Especially Plague!


The techniques used on the big guys are a bit risky to try on smaller minis, but I gave it a shot. It does not produce very clean lines but rather a somewhat random effect. Being plague I figure it should work if they come out a little messy. Some 3rd gen troopers:

Diseased Rambo

Mister big gun

Running man

Captain Kick in the Door aka Mister Surprise


The Plague Faction Booster box is now finished!


Paint method:

Citadel paints. Used color on entire model unless otherwise stated. Basecoat warpstone glow. Biel-tan green shade. Sybarite green drybrush. Slaanesh grey drybrush. Elf flesh drybrush (only on exposed skin). Seraphim Sepia shade. Carroburg crimson shade on teeth, nails and scaly/spiky parts. Steel legion drab on belts, leather and hair. Boltgun metal on metal bits. Agrax earthshade on the face, leather bits and metal bits.
PS: when I use shades I tend to apply quite heavily.
PPS: All the models in the strike team are painted using those same steps, they just have variations in degree of exposed flesh and/or red scaly bits which creates difference between them. :slight_smile: