Starting Armada campaign, what would you do here?

Accidentally put this in the wrong spot, and it’s better residing here:

We’re diving into a Campaign for Armada. In brief, you have available a pool of ships (and upgrades and such) from which to build your force for each scenario. Players are told what scenario you are to play beforehand; you build your fleet and bring it to the game knowing what battle you’re going to fight.

Some scenarios have you roll a die at the onset to determine whether you’re the attacker or defender. Sometimes this is a minor quibble , but sometimes it’s a big deal.

Do you think you should determine attacker/defender before you build your fleet? Or build your fleet for the scenario, and then roll the dice to determine attacker/defender? Is there wording in the Seas Aflame campaign book to support your opinion?

Trying to figure out how to set up for a game this coming weekend…

Thanks for any and all sage advice!


I’d go with knowing whether they’re attacking/defending. Think you’d see more interesting builds, and it seems to add a bit more narrative.

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I’d made a poll among the participants and pick the option that gets the most votes. In the end campaigns are for players so they should be able to impact such decision.

I opted for MarkG’s suggestion. It makes more sense that we knew, because the builds each player would bring for each role would be very different, and it would be hard to make a “cover all your bases” list that would work for both roles


Don’t hear that enough!

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