Steady Huskarls and avoiding death

Hi, I’m One of the 12 (11?) italian Vanguard players, and I Need help!
there is this friend of mine Who says that if his Huskarl goes Down to zero wounds, he can spend one power to become Steady. Then, if he Rolls 5+ he can avoid death, because “kd is the first thing to happen, so if you avoid it, you are safe”.
Is he right?
I have so much respect for fantasy Vikings, but this… seems a bit too much.


Not got my rule book on me, but no he is wrong. Northern alliance have a special rule (hardy vetrens) that allows them to activate the steady special rule for one power.

Steady allows a model that would be knocked down to avoid it. The huscarl would be left with one wound and would be fatigued too I think (knocking down after combat fatigues units). Of course, they have to pass their nerve test FIRST, as before the nerve test they haven’t been knocked down.

So they go to 0 wounds. No mention of knocked down. Now they nerve test. If they fail, they are dead (never knocked down). If they pass then they get knocked down and the special rule could be applied.

It’s still a very powerful special rule to be honest, perhaps a bit over powered. The counter to it is to pile in with plenty of troops or to take advantage of the lack of command points they can be left with.


thank you! This Is my opinion too, but I needed some backup from the community


I checked the rulebook and can confirm what @screamingaddabs said.

Oh, and welcome to the forum by the way!

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I can confirm that this question also come through to Mantic support and the answer coming back is, or will be, as per above :slight_smile: (I don’t get the mantic support emails, but as I’m the RC, mantic reached out to me to confirm the answer :wink: )


That’s great, and I’m happy to find the game is still played and loved. Was afraid to be late…
I’m definitely going to set up 2 more bands and make some demos if I can. But I need to refine bits of rules like the one above, and be 100% sure before I speak.
Thanks again!


Vanguard may be niche, but definetly not dead! I’ll play a 3 player game next weekend. We will be using the 3 player scenario ‘King of the Hill’ provided in the Ice & Iron supplement.
It will be my Undead vs Dwarfs vs Orcs.
I’m pretty excited!