Steel Behemoth Airship

I love the idea of Dwarven airships and have been thinking of using GW’s Arkanaut Frigate as a Steel Behemoth. Just wondering if anyone else has used one in such a way and if so, what’ve you thought about it base size wise? Is anyone using a different airship model for an SB? If so what?

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It looks cool and if you like it the do it.

I would be concerned about confusing my opponent though, steel behemoths don’t fly.
Plus the Mantic model is so cool too.

No really issue if you stick it on the right sized base.

I’d be tempted to cut the flight stand down a bit, so it doesn’t look like a true flyer, but it has strider which is quite fitting


it’s a lovely model. I did use an airship in an old army, but I counted it as an allied elf dragon, since my one was definitely a flyer, visually. I built mine form old odds and ends like coffee stirrers, a curtain rail end, a golf tee and bits of pen and stuff.


I think it is absolutely fine to use an airship as Behemoth. Although the model is flying, I personally think that it just doesn’t look like it is flying very fast. I imagine it as a slow floating through the air, which is represented by M4. As a monster with height 4 it fits that the airship is able to look over other troops.
As long as you use the proper base size and explain to your opponent what this thing is, it is fine.


Awesome thanks for the advice guys :slight_smile: I think I will go ahead and get one and if it is an issue I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it. I like the idea of it being a slow, laborious craft that isn’t very mobile. More a floating gun platform with a large turning circle! Strider and M4 support that I think.

That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing it!