Steps to Deliverance

I just finished this novel and I thought it was an enjoyable read. It gives a little insight on the political scene and the various layers of the military which was my initial interest in reading it to get a better feel for my army narrative as I start my first KOW specific force that isn’t just a rebasing process.

But the characters were very likeable and the story was good. A good start to digging deeper into a world story for the game I think.


I forgot to mention it’s set in Basicila but most of the people on this board likely know that already. The Abbysals get a good bit of ink as well in the story.

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I enjoyed it as well. It was neat to get a glimpse of the Abyss beyond the first layer and how men are tempted to join the FoA.

My only gripe is that I wish the troops would call Lesser Abyssals something else, like “Reddies” or some other slang. I like fluff like that.

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Enjoyed it. Am looking forward to the next couple of novels when they are published.

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Yeah halfway through Steps to Deliverance I preordered the next two novels coming out at the end of September and going to start Edge of Abyss today.

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Just stumbled on this thread and it’s nice to read some feedback as I was the author. I’ve had a chat with Winged Hussar about a possible follow up, so if you want to detail any more specifics regarding what you liked and weren’t so keen on, I’m always open to suggestions!


Well as much as I am a general fan of fantasy, I picked it up specifically because of its tie to KOW storylines. So names of villages, cities and such are great as backstory to my own gaming armies. The structure of the army and the society is also very interesting in that regard.

I really liked that parts of the story seem tied directly to the game like a troop of Elohi having 3 joining the battle was great.

As for the general story itself I liked the main villain so to speak and the slide his story took with the logical progression as to how he took that path.

For books of this nature a great balance between it being a good character story yet being kind of historical as the game meta goes is also good to see. I think this book did that very well.