Sticks and stones won't break them bones / EoD

Hello again, long time no see!
I was quite unbusy hobbywise, mostly because of moving houses, pretty long vacation and other stuff. I managed some single, unmotivated brush swings from time to time, but then I got my flow back with the start of 2023. My hobby cave is finished, and now I’m really enjoying assembling and painting again!
Keeping relatively close to my goal of reducing my Hobby pile of shame, I picked up the box of old Tomb Kings stuff, and went on my journey to set up an EoD Army - or get at least paint on the things, which waited far too long for it.

I “officially” started the army back about 8 years ago, when I got a good box of Tomb Kings from a friend for a fair price - rare things, more or less everything OOP, and with all the charme of those old days. And friggin SMASHED with thick, unthinned paint, glue and sand. Thank god he didn’t know about sealing, it would have been an even greater nightmare! So my first piece of work was a ton of cleaning, metal and plastic. Good old Simple Green (if you don’t know this stuff, it works great for removing paint from plastic minis). I was in monster mood those days, so the first thing I assembled and painted was the Necrosphinx, or from now on:

The reanimated behemoth

Pretty quick the second monster followed, because of…you know, monster mood :man_shrugging: lovely sculpt, and fun to paint:

The bone giant

Starting with the 2, some other stuff is finished and I will post it here the next days. Maybe just FYI, this isn’t going to be a efficiently created army list or something, I’m just going to paint the minis I have here, with no plan to really ever use them in more than sporadic games. The base color isn’t that much desert style, because all the skeletons I’ve already done in my “classic” undead are based in this style. And I’m not going to paint a giant mass of them again :grimacing::smile:

I hope you guys like it so far, and as always, any feedback is appreciated!


Very neat skeleton monsters! I like the lightning colors on the one.


Another very early guy I did for EoD, he (or maybe she?) was a random find in a reaper bones ks box. The quality of the mini isn’t great, but I still kinda like the mini. A good model for a Pharao or a flying hero.

I was looking for some more “professional” pictures, but it seems the ones I’ve posted are the only ones I have. So I’ll just show what else is finished with normal pics, please forgive that :sweat_smile:
Those guys here are the newest addition, the minis come from tt combat. I tried some weathering here, with bleached clothes and oxidised copper/brass.

Skeleton Spearmen


I have managed to take new pictures of the rest I already finished.
The amount of skeletons I already had, plus the ton I got from said Tomb Kings deal was enough to spare some for this army’s archery:

Skeleton archers:

In addition I got some skeleton archer cavalry, hopefully I didn’t waste too much horses here to get a unit of revenant cavalry going one day :sweat_smile:

Skeleton Archer Cavalry:

Some more shooty stuff, because who hasn’t heard about the fearsome undead gunline lists out there :crazy_face: this unit popped up by accident. I got the Dark Souls Boardgame expansion “Tomb Of Giants”, because I ALWAYS wanted a playable Nito miniature (pretty perfect for some unitfiller ideas btw!). And included in the box there were two giant skeleton archers, which are pretty ok for my personal understanding of enslaved guardians.

Enslaved Guardian Archers:

Next unit is a classic one. Finding the correct parts in this nameless pile of plastic, stripping them off paint and glue, then realizing I have only three of them instead of four…it was a wild ride, that included getting another chariot body printed by a friend and fitting it somehow with bits and parts into the unit. But I really like the look of the unit, and I had the idea of “half chariot basefillers” to get some more dynamic in there. Works brilliantly, I strongly recommend this if you have the equipment or know someone who can saw or lasercut bases!

Revenant Chariots:

Another classic, and I carry a small but annoying grudge on mantic for the base size… The former casket of souls, which luckily was in the box too!

Soul Snare:

And last but not least, one of the most stupid looking units in tabletop history, but also undeniable funny :smiley:
I added the fire bowl as weapon because the base would have been pretty empty, and I hope there won’t be someone pressing model count charges (in case I will ever play the armey against all odds). But basing them like that was the only way to fit them onto the correct base sizes :roll_eyes:

Sandborne Wyrm Riders:

That’s all what I’ve finished to this day, but there is still some more to do, including a horde of Enslaved Guardians (melee), a handful of heros, Nito (proxy for
Apaphys), some revenants and mummies, and so on. I hope to have the Army done by the middle of the year or so. This is the first time I really care about basing - I never spent more than a quick rush with sand and/or grass on basing, not even speaking of any preparations. At least this is something I have learned while working on this project, the time spent in bases adds so extremely much more atmosphere to the units, it incredible. Of course I have seen millions of hobbyists working wonders with their bases, but somehow this spark never started a fire in my approaches for new armies or units. This will change from now, there is so much fun to work with!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


After I’ve been sick three times since I started this unit, they are done now. TT Combat mummified… somethings, which I got from a Kickstarter some time ago. I like the idea of the sculpts, but cannot recommend the quality of the minis. They’re not too expensive I think so this might be ok, but there is a relation between price and quality in our hobby that’s easy to spot. Anyway, my

Enslaved Guardians:


Luckily undead have a long breath (hehehe), so they aren’t angry when need a looong time to get new stuff done. But here is some🎉

First, for all the Dark Souls fans who might be out there, Nito, first of the dead! I did a separate Titan base, to field him in Undead or EoD. And I tried OSL the first time “seriously” with an outcome I’m quite happy with.

Next, 4/2 units of the GW Mortek Guard, which I’m gonna use as mummies or maybe EoD Revenants. I kinda don’t like even one of the existing Mummy units on the market, so I decided to get those guys. I like their pretty unique charme.

And, sorry for not having clean background pics, two good ol’ metal chunks :slight_smile:

That’s all, my EoD has grown to a nice little army, which I might even play one day, when I’m not drawn back into classic undead after getting CoK’ed to see what’s new :smiley: