Stonehorse gaming YouTube

Started a channel where I aim to document my projects.

First video was about my terrain that I have just finished.

New to YouTube, so all feedback is welcome!


Great terrain. Good point about the trees - those taller ones look more realistic.

About two years into wargaming, I got together a full set of terrain like this and it makes all the difference compared to playing with odd bits and bobs.

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What’s next up?

Height 0 pools/marsh are quick to do. I did mine murky, so no water effect required.

Thanks, glad you liked it. Height 0 terrain often gets over looked, good idea with the marsh/pools.

I have a few more terrain projects in mind. Got a few video ideas, talk about rule systems, talk about the social contract of gaming, basic tactics, painting videos, and hopefully some games being played, (may even do a solo game).

Unboxing the Army Painter Mega Paint Set.

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Monolith with Sacrificial Altar.


Unboxing the Kings of War Artefact and Spell cards.


Took a while to do this one. Got a demo game filmed and will upload next week.

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Latest video, enjoy!

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Unboxing the Abyssal Dwarf Army.

Absolutely love the plastic warriors, great amount of variety and plastic blunderbusses!

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Hey I like your channel, your style, your vids. Subscribed. This army looks easy enough to assemble, but for me, my Nighstalker mega army box has been a bloody nightmare without some paper instructions. But i digress. Those mean dwarves are pretty rad, thanks for the up close look.

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Thanks! Very happy to hear you are enjoying my videos.

It is baffling why Mantic don’t put some form of assembly instructions on the box.

The quality that Mantic now make is up there I think, the aesthetics are not all over the place like some fantasy models. But the sculpt quality is just as good.

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