Stonehorse gaming YouTube

Started a channel where I aim to document my projects.

First video was about my terrain that I have just finished.

New to YouTube, so all feedback is welcome!


Great terrain. Good point about the trees - those taller ones look more realistic.

About two years into wargaming, I got together a full set of terrain like this and it makes all the difference compared to playing with odd bits and bobs.

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What’s next up?

Height 0 pools/marsh are quick to do. I did mine murky, so no water effect required.

Thanks, glad you liked it. Height 0 terrain often gets over looked, good idea with the marsh/pools.

I have a few more terrain projects in mind. Got a few video ideas, talk about rule systems, talk about the social contract of gaming, basic tactics, painting videos, and hopefully some games being played, (may even do a solo game).

Unboxing the Army Painter Mega Paint Set.

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Monolith with Sacrificial Altar.


Unboxing the Kings of War Artefact and Spell cards.


Took a while to do this one. Got a demo game filmed and will upload next week.

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Latest video, enjoy!

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