Storing armada ships

Fragile sails, skinny masts… a miniature transporting nightmare. What do yall store, and transport, your boats in? I have armies ive put magnets in bases in and stick them to cookie sheets (oh yes, my wife gets rather upset when she cant find them because ive got an army of space wolves on them) and metal tool boxes. However, the bases for the boats arent so good for this method it seems.

Love to hear y’all’s ideas.


honestly magnets is the way to go, you can buy sheets of adhesive magnetic rubber that you can cut to fit the bottom of the bases


I had dreams of magnetizing my ships to switch them between bases of different sea states, but after a dozen, it really has turned into a nightmare of leveling and resetting. Gercinn is right, magnetize the bases of the ships… if these were metal models the weight could be an issue but with resin ships magnets should have no problem with securing them.

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