Sturgeon’s Elves

Finished the sword this afternoon, so I’m counting it as last week.

Second go with this recipe, and I think it looks ok. It always seems to come undone when I do the line highlight. I can’t get them thin enough!


So I did something stupid…

I primed the dragon this afternoon and was way too liberal. I covered all the details of the mini in thick splotches of paint. No problem, I’ll remove it in acetone like I did years ago!

Unfortunately, acetone melts plastic. I got to this stage before I realised this (always be truthful and show your horrible WIPs)

Its now soaking in a big bath of brown dettol

No matter how it looks tomorrow I’m determined to paint the damned thing!



Hard to tell what the damage is.



It’s like that time I spray varnished my Brock Riders and they ended up frosted.


There is next to no damage on the dragon @MarkG, but I have softened up a bit of the riders face and there is a bit of damage to the crown. I can work with it though!

I feel your pain @DreadNort. Did you switch to a brush on varnish after the incident?

No, I just don’t varnish…!!


If you ever decide to give varnish another try I use this one from Vallejo

I think it’s designed for the airbrush, but I just brush it on straight from the container. You have to give it a good 5min shake every time before use though. It’s great stuff!

The paint stripped ok from the dragon. I’m going to let it dry for a bit and do a black primer to try and hide the melty/splotchy bits.

Saying things didn’t go according to plan this week would be an understatement! Most of my hobby time was spent either stripping or washing the dragon. In the end I managed to salvage things and get some paint on my brush.


thats what I keep telling people! I too stopped many years ago.


Yep, same here.

While painting the dragon I kept thinking “why does this look so familiar?”.

Guess I found my subconscious inspiration!


I spent most of this week building up the red and choosing a colour for the scales.

I hope the green/turquoise will work out in the end. At least he will be unique!


That red is looking nice and rich! The turquoise is a great counterpoint.

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Thanks @Boss_Salvage! I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Finished the dragon, but not the rider. I’m happy with him! There is malice in one eye and intelligence in the other!


Great colour choice on the dragon. The blue really makes it pop and ties it into your other minis.

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Thanks @Findol! I wanted him to stand out but still look like he belongs with the rest of the elves.

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Very very pretty.

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Finished the dragon rider this week. I think he turned out rather nice, but I didn’t have as much fun painting him as the dragon.

Truth be told I was kind of over it after last week and just wanted the whole thing done (I hope it doesn’t show!). Now I just have to suck it up and finish the base!


Looks great - really nice work!

Not at all melted either