Sturgeon’s Elves

Thanks at @MarkG!

Your right, any damage to the mini from the acetone was minor.

For those interested, there was no damage to the dragon at all. The rider himself had several small problems I hid with paint. For example, the corrosive “pox” marks in the crown were hidden by painting dark blue, the melted left eye was just painted on, and the “soft runes” were hidden with a glow effect.

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Dragons are TOUGH! Elves are puny…melted eye…ewwwwww

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Your highlighting is amazing.

I will have to push my own more. I’m putting in the time but seem to fear being too bold with the highlights. This leaves me doing numerous highlight coats without the lovely effects you are getting.

Your dragon is top notch. I especially like the different bold colours you chose. The rider is my favourite though. I simply love the blue clothes.

Keep them coming - love following your work.

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Thanks @Niall78! I really appreciate the comments.

Highlighting is my favourite part of the miniature painting process, with glazing (a very recent skill addition) coming in second.

My process involves a line highlight, an extreme line highlight (usually going over the previous highlight with a lighter colour closer to the sharp edges or in the middle of a curve), and a dot highlight right on the tips of the sharp edges.

If you are looking for inspiration, my favourite mini “tutor” is JuanHidalgo miniatures. He hates blue, but other than that major sin he seems like a nice guy!

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Finished the base of the dragon lord and glued him to his flight stand. It’s meant to represent part of the dragons domain amongst elven ruins.

Revisiting my list of things to do this year, in terms of mini painting I only have 7 more palace guard to paint by the end of the year to achieve my goal. Wish me luck!


So close to goal! Good luck!

Completed dragon + rider are great, very nice base as well :ear_of_rice:

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Weekly update time!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get much painting done last week. However, I did get those 7 palace guard built. Something is better than nothing I guess!


Late update for last week!

Slow but steady progress. I spent a lot of time futzing around with the glazing on the cloaks. I’m still not happy with it, but I think future line highlighting will help. The blue paint I used for them is also very glossy, but that’s nothing a little Matt varnish can’t fix!


Wow that armor is nice!

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Thanks @Nicanor!

It’s just 2-3 coats of army painter “shining silver”.