Sturgeon’s Nature

Hi Everyone!

When I first became interested in KoW, one of the things that drew me in was the option to include units in my Elven army that I couldn’t in Fantasy. So, I decided to paint some tree men.

After painting a few hunters, shamblers and a herder, I thought I had a nice looking cohesive force I could expand into an army in its own right.

With all that said, here is my Forces of Nature army which I plan to expand into a 2,300pt army by the end of the year.


Hot dang! Those are some sweet models,

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Thanks @Nav, had fun painting them!

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my pleasure @MechaSturgeon . They really catch the eye, especially the HQ miniatures.

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Some of the best and most interesting Sylvaneth I’ve seen, really do love that blue-green + white scheme. The flying beast is really a great addition, and I don’t remember the Albion crew being part of the army, but those are extremely fitting (gladewalker?) druids to support the tree lads.


Thanks @Boss_Salvage!

The Albion crew are indeed gladewalker druids. I’ll probably use the Truth-sayer as Kapoka for the phalanx.

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Had a great game with my daughters for Father’s Day. Feels good having 2 armies ready to play. Now all I need is a dedicated table/terrain.


I’m making some steady progress with some hunters of the wild. Finished the first batch of 15, now onto the second!