Suitable for a Winged Beast?

Recently ordered this model on line. It is a bit smaller than I had anticipated. I was going to use it for my Kingdom of Men Mongolian themed force.

It is a nice model, and I can easily fit a General to sit on the neck. Only issue is the riders legs come up to just behind the eyes.

I want the winged beast to be an Eagle as it fits the theme well.

If the rider looks to be too far forward, would it be acceptable to use the Eagle without a rider, a counts as?[


I’d say the eagle alone works better as a Hero on Pegasus. If you’re interested in nice big eagles, the three from Game Zone were my favorites back in WHFB times: (ONE)(TWO)(THREE/THREE?)

Here’s a shot with rider:

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got wings, then that works for me. as long as you tell your opponent there shouldn’t be any issues with it.

Thanks for the idea about using it as a hero on Pegasus. Using one of the Eagles you linked (number 2 has a great pose) would also help strengthen that it is the General as it is a much bigger Eagle.

€20 isn’t too bad for a big metal bird.

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Is there any way you could do the rider leaning-back rodeo style so he fitted between the wings better?