Super September- painting topic

We are continuing the painting, following from previous months! Keep up the great work!


I run a painting challenge called Monster March and @Mikes mentioned it would be good to have another one to keep the painting going. Especially in the current difficult circumstances many of us would need some support and encouragements.

As much as I would love to host another painting challenge on my blog, I would not be able to do it properly month after month.

However, there is no reason we should not do it in some form anyway! Hence, this topic.

Unlike Monster March it is not a painting challenge. But a way to share your painting progress and achievements through the month of April. There are no rules, just post whatever you are working on now. The main aim is to keep supporting and encouraging each other.

I am going to start with Silver Breeze troops. I needed to fix one of them and I started repainting it to match the colour scheme. Here are a few quick snapshots:

I am looking forward to seeing your models! :slight_smile:
Take care and stay safe!


They look stunning!
Countercharge are doing a paint competiton on facebook, and us in norway do our own every month, so you might get less entrants than usual, I suspect.

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Sounds like fun to me! :smiley:

Pardon my ignorance, what models are they for those Elves btw? :slight_smile:

Even though it wouldn’t be my “taste” of how to paint them, I think they are really excellent! The colour scheme definitely stands out a lot.

For me, I started these Shieldwolf Forest Goblins just before April began, and this was 7 “days” worth so far, from sprues, through conversions, greenstuffing, etc up to a primer spray…


Such a big block is going to take me a long time, but if I get enough chances to work on them, I’ll hopefully get them finished in April :slight_smile:

I’ve also been distracted though by these movement trays turning up a couple of days ago. I’ve sprayed them up roughly how I want them (at least until my sprays ran out!). I’ve now ordered loads more magnets to get my models onto them for (mostly!) KoW purposes :slight_smile:



Hi Swordmaster and thanks for starting this topic!!

I’m still working hard at finishing my 1st 1000 points of Elves. Been working slowly but steadily for the last 2 years and now only 4 Forest Shamblers a Commander and a standard Bearer away. :blush:

I’ll make pictures of the full 1000 points army as soon as it’s completed and post some pictures on the Forest Shambler progress until then:

(Updated picture, 2 Shamblers done! :grin:)


That’s great to know @FredOslow! The more challenges and support from each other, the better, no matter where! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! These are GW High Elves from Island of Blood Warhammer starting box from long time ago :slight_smile:

That’s shaping up to be a very good project indeed! Seeing your Goblin riding War Toad :slight_smile: I am sure this will look great as well!

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Looking good @Mikes! Keep up the good work!


Thank you! I did some research now, hah, that’s not nearly long enough ago for me to know it actually! (I didn’t do any mini gaming during WFB 8th at all, I’ve got like a decade where I have little idea what happened in the mini gaming world other than what I’ve discovered in the last 18 months or so retrospectively).

And thanks re: my project! I probably can’t do them all to the same standard as the wartoad rider, but they will be painted to match that scheme, so gradually growing the Forest Goblin squad :smiley:
(I’d better get off my computer and go get working on these in a minute actually!)

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Well I’ve just finished some shieldwall and have just started some honour guard and ‘halflings’ (1/72 Persians) that I’d been meaning to do since Uncharted Empires came out in v2.


HI @Remy77077!

Well, in comparison to the age of some models I have, they are still pretty new :slight_smile:

I am sure your Goblins will look great even if, by the necessity, the level of painting is not the same as for the heroes. After all, the heroes deserve some special attention!

Keep painting and let us know about your progress!

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Hi @Sceleris!

Really cool idea about using models from different scale range! I noticed some Seleucids elephants too! They remind me about those produced by Zvezda in 1/72 scale. Now you made me want to get back to some historical models as well! :slight_smile:

I am current working on my 2 troops of Storm Wind to combine them into a regiment. I am using 5ed WHFB Dragon Princes (metal models) for this unit. 5 of them need repairs and repainting, the other 5 I need to paint from the beginning. It also means some additional work as I am adding extra barding to the horses, back banners for riders and it seems I may need to learn how to cast my own shields as I do not have enough of those!

Looks like this is going to be a longer project but I really like the models and I am very happy to work on them!


They are the Zvezda ones! Nice kit and size well with 28mm crew.

Wanted a different style rhordia list and the 1/72 stuff should work quite nicely.


Well, think they scrubbed up OK in the end.


Hehehe, familiar models! The size of these makes them great for chariot bases! I used perry twins models as riders, as they scale better than anything heroic 28mm.

Here’s mine:

But these are old models, and this topic concerns newly painted models. I’m doing greatswords these days.

Love the models, even though they are GW.


Day 11-ish progress…


Might not seem like much, but doing stuff to 37-40 guys at once always takes a long time for me. And I’m a bit obsessive about varying shades and colours on things across a unit too :smiley:

(btw I am classing about “5 hours” as a day for me, as it was what I averaged when I could dedicate evenings to this, now my work has been more sporadic when I’ve had the time, but trying to count in the same rough totals for comparison later)


That’s a lot of goblins! :laughing: … and they’re looking good already! :slight_smile:


… and i finally did finish that first Shambler Regiment, whew! (Yeah I’m slow! Lol :grin:)


Finished the Battle Shrine. Nothing says Rally 2 like large wodges of cash!


Hi @Sceleris!

They look really good! I think it is a great idea to have different scale models to represent “little people”! And looking at your elephants makes me want to paint my 15mm Xyston ones for Mortem Et Gloriam army. Will get there eventually :slight_smile:

Good job on that large box of cash too!

Awesome @Vince! Great to see you keep the momentum going. Some classic models too! Keep up the great work here!

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