Svechin21’s Varangur/Northern Alliance

Hi all,

Thought I’d finally put on here some dodgy photos of my Varangur/Northern Alliance that I have painted over the last few years.

From top to bottom: Night Raiders, Snow Foxes, Draugr, Cursed Son, Frost Trolls, Ice Kin Hunter, Huscarls and others, more huscarls, and maguses.


And a group shot of everything. Good luck telling units apart!


Lovely looking wild bunch! Say, what is that green thing with orange haircut?

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That is a beast of nurgle, proxying in as a cavern dweller and converted to hold a massive glaive


Some dwarf clansmen. Thanks to Titan Wargames for these lovely miniatures


Probably looks different form another angle, but on this picture it looks so happy. Awesome!

Oh nurgle’s creations are always happy :smile:

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Nice looking stuff. What models are the draugr?

Thank you. The draugr are a mix of stuff designed to represent my clansmen and the various enemies they fight. So half are frostgrave cultists (which come with helpful undead conversion bits) and the other half a mix of bretonnian men at arms and Empire State troops and militia, with extra skeleton and zombie bits added.

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Cheers - look really nice. Gives you the start of an undead army (which is what my draugr have led me to) :wink:

I have already made a necromancer! Trying to keep on track with league or rhordia though. Perhaps one day.

A Dark Emissary!

An impressive army, the grey and maroon(?) look great.

Thanks Mark :slight_smile:. Finally found the dark emissary on eBay for a very reasonable price after looking for months. Definitely worth the wait. Was a pleasure to paint.

Meant to be grey and red, but the pictures are not the best.