SW-Germany, Tübingen/Stuttgart

Hi everyone around Baden-Württemberg!

We are a group of 5-8 people playing as friends KoW (CoK22), Firefight and Vanguard. If you happen to be around here and you are looking for a game, let us know.

This is more of an offer than a request. Just trying to help maverick gamers in the area.


Hello from Bavaria, not really “close”, but not sooo far away either. Maybe too far for a casual KoW game in the afternoon, but if there’s a tournament someday maybe … I’d be very tempted to come over! :wink:

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Wo hocksch denn? Frang’n? Minga? Allgäu? :wink:

I’ve just moved to the Stuttgart area last month. I play a bit of Deadzone and I’m really keen to try KoW. Would be really cool to get in touch with you!


Great idea! At the moment we are very keen on Firefight. If you don’t mind playing KoW3CoK22 you’re welcome. Our “gang” is just not interested in progressing in the rules of the big red rulebook.
Where do you actually live? Are you German speaking?

PM’d you :slight_smile:

We have a quite active community in Basel with tournaments every 3-4 months and a club!