Swampy froggy things!

So this is another rambling hobby post that will eventually hop (accidental pun!) over to showcase when i start getting painted stuff done.

I’ve been really good from a ‘hobby butterfly’ front and have only been doing a linked TK/NS army this year - I’ve got one more model to build for it (Well of Souls as Portal) and about 50 to paint. After that there are some golems, Grotesques and screaming bell helfane that I want to get done. After that, barring the never-ending KoM et al that will always be there(!), I fancied something else.

Trident Realm is an army I don’t have and the new plastic frogs look too cute to ignore. There are a couple of fantastic coral reef/vibrant style TR armies in the circle that I game (infrequently) with, so not copying them!

Marshland/swamp vibe it was - and it does mean i can do what i do best and paint another army brown :wink:


I’ve seen some really nicely done mantic naiads, but they didn’t really fit the theme i was going for, but GW skinks did. Having got both the riverguard and the skinks the arms look pretty comparable in size/style so expect kitbashes.

Depth Horrors were initially going to be GW river trolls, until price cropped up(!), but Avatars of War have 3d print multipart ones.

Krakon Games have some giant crabs for Gigas (sorry Mantic, I just don’t like the models), and Reaper have some fun things to play with.

Had a set of renedra fences that will work as ramshackled walkways; D&L have a swamp scenic set with swampy trees, a massive dead fish(!) amongst other bits and stuff that will fit for a display board.

Barring one or two units I’m probably going to avoid playing too much with the water effects, but varnish/pva over filler can get the wet look.

Enough rambling over, here is what we’ll start working with.

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The big reaper thing is this - going to use as a horde of wyrmriders; the multipart trolls are these.


Trees, big fish and a skeleton cow(?)


Exciting! Good luck :clap:

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A great idea! It took me quite a while to finally start realizing my own swamp-themed army, but once I did, the basing options and hobby aspect kinds of grabbed me and never let go. It’s been a wonderful journey getting to concentrate on basing more than painting. Good luck, it’ll be great fun to be sure!


Awesome stuff - sounds great what you’ve done.

Now with KoW I’ll get a idea for basing and a theme and try to shoehorn a list into it for hobbying reasons!

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