Sword of September - painting topic


This is a continuation of our quarterly painting topics!

Many thanks to @coOk_pAss_BaBtridge for a great idea for the name for July. :slight_smile:

Main theme is “Hammer Unit” but feel free to post anything you are working on at the moment as usual.

@KptKeno suggested an excellent theme for August, which is “Anvil Unit”. Of course, feel free to post photos of any projects you are currently working on anyway! :slight_smile:



This new title is very fortuitous for me.

Bit more progress made on my Dwarf army. Two hordes of hammers also usable in regiment formation.

These are the Avatar of War Kings Guard plastic kit. Major pain to build to be honest and ranking up proved impossible which lead to a decision to go from one horde to two.

Horde one:

Horde two:

Also rebased my other Avatars of War plastics due to this. The cramped bases weren’t doing the miniatures justice anyway.

Some group shots:

Currently working on two ranger and two slayer regiments. I’ve also got another six command miniatures prepped and ready to go.

Keep the posts coming everyone. Great inspiration.


I guess I was not the only one happy with the July title :grinning: Thankfully I got mine built from ebay.


Sadly not a “hammer unit”, but maybe it counts as hammering … or rather “chipping” from afar :upside_down_face:

Still work in progress - wheels aren’t done yet - but getting there.

Pondering if I should add crew to the base or base the crew seperately, probably the former.


Thank you @Swordmaster i feel honoured.

Here is a troop of soul reaver cavalry i’m still working on, i’ve been scratching my brain for ages thinking how to paint the cats but then i realised the answer was obvious… Cringer/Battlecat!


I really love how Kings challenges one to get creative! We both finished our vampires (mine here) and I love how one unit can have two so different vibes while both being vastly different from the original! I didn’t think vampires could be that bright, but you did it! Congrats!

On that subject, I recently finished a GW model a friend gave me and based it as large infantry:

The unit serves as wights, unless I want to play abyssals, in that case it’ll be tortured souls! The aestetic can be done for both! (this is the advantage when modelling first and gaming second, one can get dual-matches)

More pictures on my blog one of these days.


Thank you, yeah they give a much needed pop of brightness to my army of darkness, I totally agree KoW forces the creative side out, your soul reaver cav are awesome you’ve got a good blog I enjoy looking through it.


My wife got me some new shelving from IKEA so I can let my nerd flag fly and have my minis on display downstairs.

Unfortunately, furring the move I managed to drop my dragon and snap off the riders sword. This was particularly annoying because it survived a tournament the day before!

I glued it back on but it’s a tiny bit “bent”. Can you tell or am I just crazy?


Looks good as new to me

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Thanks @Nicanor, that’s what I want to hear!

Finished the “main course” and done varnishing as well … gonna take me a while to finish the underside (once varnish is dry), crew and basing still, but I’m quite happy with the result so far.

Actually … so happy that I’m now pondering a battery of 2-3 of those … no matter if it’s good gameplaywise or not, I like how they look! :laughing: (And wouldn’t have guessed that from the pics on the Mantic store page.)

P.S.: @MechaSturgeon That Sword looks literally as good as new to me! :slightly_smiling_face: (I had a similar issue with an old GW Dragon model … but never got it back on right and it was prone to break off again all the time, so great fix!)


Thanks @Mikes!

I haven’t put it through any stress testing yet but I think it will hold :wink:

Shame about your GW dragon. Your current one looks great!

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Thanks @MechaSturgeon! But nah, that GW dragon was painted over 25 years ago and sort of “ruined” with my mid teen painting skills anyways … but I kept it for nostalgia’s sake :wink:

Started prepping the crew for the bolt thrower and wasn’t too keen on the spindly Mantic elf models. The ones with shield that I painted earlier look quite good, but on those (Gladestalker/War machine) basic models without shield it really emphasizes how thin they are …

… so I added some leftover cloaks from the Drakon Lord kit and voila, like them much better now :slightly_smiling_face: (The drakon Lord kit has a plastic and a resin rider, so there s leftover parts :wink: )

Still some work to do, just basecoats and faces for now … but I think they’re gonna look fine with those cloaks :upside_down_face:

(If I find surplus cloaks on Ebay or if Mantic would maybe let me order those Drakon Lord cloaks separately I would be tempted to paint up some Gladestalkers with those models as well! :wink: )

… still pondering whether to base them separately or put them on the same base with the bolt thrower though … might become my first “multibase model” sort of.


More vampires
I’ve got Saturday night Reaver (yep crap pun but I make no apologies for it)
This first unit is the same one I posted 2 months ago but the 2 Reavers from the front are now on the tomb

The 2nd unit


My spouse and I went to a music festival in Seattle a couple weeks ago, they ended up getting COVID but I somehow dodged it … until I caught it from them despite isolating and all that :confused: Bummer to be sure, however as soon as I shut myself in my hobby room I got to work finishing projects or starting new ones:

Owl Goddess by EPIC Miniatures

25 Blight by Lord of the Print

4 Infant Demonic Elementals by Puppetswar (plus a desert base tester)

I also just finished up another BIG model for my Herd army today, but I’ll keep my pants on until it’s based :wink:


Assembled some stuff while waiting for parts of the bolt thrower / crew to dry …

… and saddled myself a dragon amongst other things. And yep that’s a Mantic Drakon lord on top on a saddle from a horribly butchered Drakon Lord kit. :laughing:

also finished assembling a Mantic Tree herder which I wanted to paint for ages :wink:

So with finishing the bolt thrower, that Drakon Lord I assembled earlier and all that stuff my painting schedule is definitely full and I’m quite certain every single one of these Minis is gonna take me ages to paint … but I’m looking forward to it. :upside_down_face:


They are some chunky Dwarfs @Niall78 but looking great. The Dwarf Wars miniatures are similarly chunky making it challenging to fit 10 on a troop base.

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It may be the paint scheme, but I get Asterix vibes from them! Well done!


Can’t wait to see them painted!

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that dragon looks epic @MechaSturgeon really nice colour pallete and stands out, while still blending in to the rest of the army.

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