Sylvan Kin + Allied Centaurs

I fell for the idea to ally my Sylvan Kin (WIP) with Forces of Nature so I can use Centaurs. I think its pretty fitting backgroundwise. I would use a regiment and a troop or two of Bray Striders and a Centaur hero. The ranged Centaurs are not as good as the Silverbreeze Cav, so not atm. These would be used instead of Stormwind Cav from the Sylvan Kin list. What do you think?

If the centaurs are the only cavalry in the army just use them as storm wind?

Allies are fine in concept, the count-as rule often better in practise?

As a set of allies, a pair of bray strider regiments and a centaur chief is solid - built in pathfinder & cs1 help

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You might be right, but I’ll use Silverbreeze or Windborne too. I’m also not a fan of ‘counts as’ in my own armies.
CS1 and Pathfinder are pretty solid. Anyway, it’s only a concept atm, let’s see where it goes.

Fair comment - and there are a lot worse units.

Which centaurs? Wargames Atlantic have satyrs & centaurs in plastic which look decent

The Wargame Atlantic ones are cool, I almost backed their Kickstarter. But I plan to build a Mantic only Sylvan Kin list. So, Mantic ones.

Good for you - personally I tend to go “counts as” if there are cool models I want to use as I’m not keen on allies. I’ve used Abyssal Dwarfs as Abyssal Guards and flying carpets as KOM chariots in an Arabian army. If it looks right and is thematic its all good

I totaly agree, I just don’t do it myself. There are hundreds of really cool ‘counts as’ out there.

Weirdly related, going into Lockdown 2020 I started painting a Sylvan Kin army (like half of all KOW players :expressionless:) but ended up transitioning it to a Herd army because I wanted Centaurs and wasn’t taking any Elves beyond Windborn anyway. The army was basically Nature + Friends, which as it turns out, so is Herd :wink: