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I’m getting started with Kings of War, and I have a question about table size (which I think probably best fits here). My understanding is that the ideal table size is 4x6. I’ve gone around the house measuring, and our tables are all 3x5. We’ll be playing small games to start (1,000-1,500 points), so we can probably make that work for now, but I’d like a longterm solution.

Where do you get your 4x6 tables? From looking at stores around here, that’s not a standard dinner table size. Do you use some sort of table topper to convert? Or just run with something small and fudge it?

Thanks in advance.

Back in the day I got two large 90x120cm MDF boards that I put static grass on and always put on the table when we wanted to play … nowadays … I’m using a 6x3 gamemat that perfectly fits on the living room table :upside_down_face: … just makes the setup zones a bit smaller, but can play fine on it.

For small games however 3x3 or 4x4 is probably fine.


I’d get a couple of boards to go over the dinner table. Plus a nice battlefield mat from somewhere.

I had a bespoke gaming table made by a Chippie for my Nerdbunker, but that’s an expensive option!


A sheet of plywood or OSB is 4’x8’. I cut one in half (the wife would definitely have something to say if I was storing something that big in the house) and when I set it out, I throw a piece of vinyl cloth over the top to make it all nice and smooth. If you want a 4x6 just cut it to size and, wham! insta-table.

Bit of wisdom though… put something underneath the plywood and on top of the kitchen table. Scratches in the table = wife aggro, if ya know what I mean.

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This. This works wonders. My hardboard covers are 1m40 (10 cm over 4 feet) by 70 cm (slightly over 2 feet). 2 of them make a 4x4 and all 3 make a 6x4. The battlemat is a nice upgrade, but no where needed in the first few years of the hobby.

A green table cloth or even a white sheet (=snowy terrain) work just as well.

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Sounds good. We’re playing our first real game this weekend. If it goes well, I’ll probably buy three 24x48 mdf boards, wrap them in green felt, and look into a battle mat. Thanks all!

Yep, board(s) and battlemat that go onto anither table.

I once had an old rotten table with perfectly good steel legs, which I then attacked to a 8x4 piece of plywood.
Made a great outdoor table (after lots of varnish) and was handy for games.

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I put this next to my dinner table and a 6x4 gaming mat on top and violá, big battlefield.


Thanks for the guidance. Three 2x4 pieces of mdf plus some green felt, and we now have a 4x6 table topper for our battles.


I would just throw a table cloth like thing on top so the different boards arent noticeable, just my own opinion


Have you got a couple of bulldog clips? I used to use them to attach boards together and eliminate the wobble


I’m thinking we’ll go with a battle mat. Any recommended vendors for that? Might make for a good Christmas present.

Depends on you your country because of shipping but I prefer

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