Tales from the Nine Tailed Cat - 01 Intro


That infamous watering hole, the Nine Tailed Cat, can be found at the up-market end of one of the less salubrious districts in the port of Harlswarde in the Kingdom of Saewes. Its location attracts a diverse clientele as it is an ideal resting place for voyagers departing or arriving by sea and a favourite meeting place to discuss commerce for merchants and ships’ captains. The fame of the Cat has spread far and many travellers are drawn to the homely comforts of the snug bar to share their tales of voyages and battles.

The inn is owned by Thamos Shtim who bought the enterprise several years ago on moving to Harlswarde from his previous tavern after it was destroyed by fire. There are numerous theories regarding the naming of the inn, but Thamos has kept mysteriously silent on this subject. Perhaps something may be gleaned from the tavern sign hanging above the entrance-way. On one side is pictured a cat sitting proudly erect and facing forward with nine tails clearly visible. The other side however bears the image of a cruel whip, its handle made from braided rope that branches out into nine vicious individual lashes, each with cruel knots along their length.

The tavern has survived and provided welcome refuge even through the War of the Abyss and the more-recent battles against the Twilight Kin, only recently defeated with the aid of our kinsmen from the Rhordian Dukedom of Swalland. Over the years, I have become friendly with Thamos and on occasion have helped out in the inn when staff are short. I have also enjoyed joining friends in the bar of an evening to listen to the tales being told, and this volume recounts some of the more dramatic tales that I have heard in the Cat.


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