Tales from the Nine Tailed Cat - 04 Lament of the Brotherhood


Your bounteous land, is still free
Your people not down, on one knee
Killed or enslaved
But free and saved
Between the mountains, and sea

Our enemies came, to plunder
Their battle cries loud, as thunder
They took our lives
They killed our wives
They ripped our land, asunder

They came with death, and slaughter
With cannon’s loud roar, and mortar
We conquered fears
Stayed them with spears
And quenched their fire, with water

We fought with all, of our might
To snatch the light, from dark night
We faced the foe
Went toe to toe
Before winning the, bitter fight

Our land was torn, and battered
Our banners torn, and tattered
Our country lost
We paid the cost
Our people scarred, and scattered

For your lives we, paid the price
Made the great, sacrifice
We lost our home
Condemned to roam
Throughout the rest of, our life

You have your home, we have none
No shelter from rain, or hot sun
Wandering far
Beneath a star
Till conflict is, finally done