Terrain Crate 3 - Alien trees & SciFi ruins online!


The plastic trees, Ronnie was talking about last couple of weeks, are online!


Mhhh for Deadzone/Firefight those look awesome.

For KoW … the trees are maybe a bit too much SciFi like? /shrugs

I fully get Ronnie’s dislike for railway trees and was looking for cool looking trees to paint myself, but somehow I don’t see these fitting in well on my KoW table. (I even do have some Trees from the Gothic Grounds box from Mantic and will eventually make a Terrain piece out of them - some kind of spooky forest. But will likely have to look for something else for a “classic” forest.)

Maybe some pictures of your painted Terrain Crate Trees on a KoW battlefield will make me change my mind. :grin:

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I’ll be using them for Firefight and Deadzone. For KoW, I stick with my (pricey but nice[y]) railway trees.

I will use those for KoW. A bit wierd idea but I believe that they are very fantasy. “Normal” forests and woods are just one option we have. All those jungle-like or swamp-like themes are not explored enough.

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I guess for more Salamander, Trident Realm or even Twilight Kin themed boards they’ll look really good. It’s mostly a question of the paintjob you give them.

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