Terrain, how much to use?

OK, how much terrain should be on a 6 x 4 board and what area should each piece occupy? Struggling to get a balance that stops shooting have free reign and too many easy charges, and blocking the board so nothing can move.

I’ve played about a bit and quite like the amount you get in the Giant Dwarf tool on the -/28 website. They mostly have 10 pieces, mostly in the middle 2 feet. Most are 2 each of hills, woods, impassable, flat and walls.
However you could theme it more to be wooded, hilly, villages etc. Don’t forget the walls though as that helps Strider units


the flaw with the giant dwarf kit is that those don’t really tell you how large the various pieces of terrain need to be.

in my (admittedly so far limited) experience with the pack, for area terrain (woods, fields, etc) and hills need to be large enough for at least a standard infantry regiment to be able to be inside of the terrain feature without any part of it sticking out. so 5-6 inches across is a good size. Blocking terrain needs to be similar in footprint. obstacles (fences, freestanding walls, hedges, etc) needs to be about 4-5 inches long as well.

now obviously you can make your stuff larger (or smaller) if you like, the giant dwarf kit was designed for tournaments and thus focused on trying to keep multiple tables fairly even in terms of terrain layout so that no player gets a major advantage. for your own casual games you are free to make terrain fit your own preferences.