That Mystery Box I inherited that contained a Mega Dwarf Army

Hello there!

Topic title actually says it all. I came upon this giant army. Didn’t paint it myself, but inherited it from the father of a good friend. And I was just astonished by all the lovely details he put in there. And I wanted to share that love with some people, who will be able to appreciate it.
I especially love the MoM Miniatures Burners on IronCladMiniatures Tanks and all the “drunken dwarves next to beer kegs on carts” shenanigans").

What do you think?


Thought long and and hard about it. I love the Minis and the game seems great, but another tabletop is simply too much at the moment.

I decided to sell them on Ebay, in case anyone is interested (shipping only for EU + Britain though).

It really is quite a remarkable army.

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Thanks! :grinning:

Since I got two PMs requesting a link, the auctions can be found here: