The 3rd edition core book, worth it?

Hey guys,

I have been going back and forth on getting the 3rd edition core book for the lore and was wondering if you guys thought it was worth it for someone who owns the 2nd edition core book. In other words, how much new stuff does it have, how much is just copy pasted etc?


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I think the 3rd edition rulebook (the hardback, not the gamers edition) is everything the 2nd was not. The stories are well written, decent pictures, everything. So, yes, it’s definately worth the expense.

the only thing I can think of that I’m not sure I like is the sheer weight. The thing weighs a ton!


Definitely worth it! It’s full of background and flavour.


I agree with the previous two gentlebeings, the book is well worth it

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Alright, thanks guys! I’ll take this into my deliberations :slight_smile:

Personally I regret buying it. I ended up getting a Gamers Edition book now, and it’s MUCH easier to read and flick through.

As an Orc and Goblin player, I thought all of their background and lore was very weak too. The worst thing is that it doesn’t even fit how the units work in the game, very poor imo.

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Thanks for your input!

In what respects did you find it lacking if I might ask?
Is it just greenskins that have the mismatch or is it more common?

Its very heavy and the orc lore is lacking. In other aspects it is great!
And yes, the gamers edition is easier to carry around.
I have both, naturally. :sweat_smile:

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I do agree that it is hefty to lug around, so if you move around a lot, the Gamer’s Edition could be useful!


To be honest I can’t personally tell you really (maybe others here can?) because the greenskin lore just left me so cold I didn’t even want to read further at all really, and I tried to read bits of the rest of the book but I was already feeling like I didn’t care enough to get into it due to “my” armies feeling like they were done no justice at all.

The basic lore bits for each race is mostly just a list of unit descriptions though too, which is fine and can be useful at times, especially when I have no idea what some of the units, or any of the characters etc are, but the short paragraphs don’t really explain much either. A lot of it feels like a reference to something you’ve missed in a way. The best thing in the main book over the Gamers Ed for me is the spreads of model photos, which are as useful as a description as to what a lot of the units are anyway for me.

Don’t really want to rant against the book anyway, as I am obviously still interested in the game (& I don’t regret supporting it in a way) - hence why I’m here, but yeah, it just completely failed to interest me lore-wise, so the full book version really added very little for me.
I guess the most valuable thing in a way is that if I hadn’t got it, I would would always have been wondering what I was missing! So now I know, haha.

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Personally I am done with lore, make your own story about your own armies. I’ve always found games to have very poorly written stories… which for some reason is priced highly. Where as a well written book is usually a lot cheaper.

As such I think the gamers edition is where it is at.


I think that’s exactly what you can do with the KoW lore. It’s a generic, traditional fantasy setting with a few ‘Mantic twists’. I understand, that this is not ‘good fiction’ but it allows you to delve into the world of Pannithor while giving you space to be creative about your own armies/warbands/characters. In my opinion, that’s what wargaming lore should do.


Thanks everyone for the feedback. I have had the chance to read some of the lore and honestly I am glad I did, although the price point is a bit steep I feel (lots of pretty pictures though).

It’s nice to have a basic framework when thinking about my army.