The aesthetic of Proxies (advice please)

Hello folks, been lurking for a while and finally taken the plunge thanks quibble running rampant in my head.

Without too much negativity, I’ve found myself increasingly dissatisfied with my current TTG Hobby of the past 4 years; and after picking up a Kings of War army and the 3rd edition rulebook last December, I find the Mantic Company and Community to be a friendlier and more laidback environment to be enjoyed.

This now begs the question: what to do with the ‘Sizeable’ Nighthaunt army I currently own. Sure, I could go through the trouble of selling them off, but I quite like the overall aesthetic and think I could work them into my future KoW project.

I’m planning on collecting Nightstalkers, as mentioned I have the army box, and I feel the 2 can mesh together with a unified paint scheme.

Although I understand proxies are usually subjective, I would be grateful if more seasoned KoW hobbyists could maybe provide some advice on the comparison I created below?

Scarecrows - Chainrasp Horde (nice’n’simple)
Reapers - Dreadscythe Harridans/Grimghast Reapers
Phantoms - Glaivewraith Stalkers
Butchers - Bladegheist Revenants
Fiends - Spirit Hosts
Horror Riftweavers - Banshee/Myrmourn Banshee

Basic list for most of the infantry. One of the things I’m planning to do is shamelessly mix the official Mantic Nightalkers in with the Nighthaunt proxies in a single unit. I’m going for multibasing, and most of the Nighthaunt models are not suitable to be removed from their bases, but I can trim the edges off the base and stick that directly to the MDF footprint. For example, I can fit 12 Chainrasp into the 100mmx 80mm footprint for a Scarecrow Regiment. So, I could maybe use a mix of say, 7 Chainrasp and 7-9 Scarecrows on the same base instead?

Thank you for taking the time to read quite a rambling post.


Hi & welcome

I can’t see why you would have a problem with any of the proxies you suggest. They all seem pretty reasonable

A mix of mantic and GW minis on the same bases would like fine, would also help with identification of what unit is what.

I think the night haunt are one of GWs best looking model ranges.

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that all seems fine, as long as the units are easily distinguishable you shouldn’t have a problem and mixing the mantic with GW figures should help that.
Definitely go for it and feel free to post your progress as we’re all nosey and love to see toy soldiers being painted


Only real issues with proxies are where either they don’t really look like the unit they are standing in for or where two lots of the same models are counting as very different stuff.

The intermixing of the mantic models, plus suitable paint schemes & basing, will deal with both, so go for it.

The night haunt range has some great models - I’ve a bunch in an undead army



As long as I can
a) easily guess which unit it which
b) your base size matches the official unit

I’ll play against your army.
Better still when it’s at least decent looking and completely painted!

GW nighthaunts are used quite a lot, eiher as Nightstalkers or as undead or a combination of both.


Cheers folks!
With something as subjective as proxies, it’s always nice to get a little reassurance before introducing a hobby knife to the base of a previously completed mini…

One of the hardest parallels to make was between Bladegheist and Butchers. The two minis don’t look anything alike, but in terms of rules, space they occupy on a base and height (a new mechanic I really like) the two just seemed to fit. One of the things I love about Nightstalkers is that they allow your imagination to run wild and really delve into the depths of cult, pulp and gothic horror.

I’ve also had a new idea for Hexwraiths and Shadowhounds as some kind of spectral hunting pack.

Now, time to work out a rather large order of bases from the helpful folks of Warbases and start the assembly of a disproportionate amount of Scarecrows.


You’re fine, just try your best to make sure your opponent can tell what is what. In my Undead I have two units of Nighthaunt Wraiths and one unit of Soul Reaver Cavalry.


My wraiths, former Nighthaunts. There are some more bestial looking ghosts in there, don’t know how they are called in AoS.