The Archduchy of Aguiéne

Instead of flooding the monthly showcase with a million WIP pictures, I thought I would be nice to have specific place to drop the progress on my first army.

I’m building a Green Lady list - you can find it in the army list section if you care to -centered around the Archduchy of Aguiéne, nestled on an upland plain in the Dragon Teeth mountains. Whilst traditionally very prosperous, the Archduchy is falling upon hard times: its ancient feudal organisation coming under more and more tension from within and without even as it’s economy is overtaken by the more modern trading-based cities to the south. The disastrous wars around the Abyss have made their cost felt even as far west as Aguiéne, and the peasants grumble at the cost in lives and coin of the noble lord’s fondness for far. One day, soon, the Archduchy will have to join modernity or be ground under its foot.

Still, the knights of Aguiéne ride tirelessly, fighting the Archduchy’s neighbours for plunder, chivalrous deeds, and the joy of battle. If the end of their path in life is coming, one way or another, at least they will make a beautiful exit.

The inspiration for this army is partially my fondness for the Late Middle Ages, partially the romance and drama of Huizinga’s Autum of the Middle Ages, partially the sheer coolness of Procer in A Practical Guide to Evil, and partially my enjoyment of Brettonian lore and play in TW:Warhammer - even though I never played tabletop.

So, without further ado, here’s four of the five heroes who will lead Aguiéne’s army to many a glorious defeat:

Aleide, archduchess of Aguiéne:

She’s a Perry mounted man-at-arms with a Frostgrave female soldier’s head. Her griffon is on it’s way, but apparently the high elf rider is molded directly onto the GW Island of Blood griffon, and he’s a bloody pain to get off. Thus, she’s here depicted riding a cannon annex pencil sharpener that I had lying around…

Adhémar, Archduke-consort of Aguiéne:

Just a straight up Perry man at arms, with similar griffon-related issues to his wife.

Anne de Montmorency, Count of Talence, Connétable of Aguiéne:

A Perry man at arms with a War of the Roses infantry command head

And finally, Ermenchilde, Chief Priestess of the Fields

Another man at arms, with a Frostgrave, head, cloak, and torch. This is going to be my first ever attempt at OSL - wish me luck

I’m not going to paint them all at once, but probably space them through the sixty retainers and twenty cavalrymen I still need for the rest of the army. I just wanted them assembled first, so I wouldn’t end up lacking the parts I wanted for them because I used them all on a random peasant.


Looking good - the perry stuff is always nice.

Yeah, the rider on the gw elf griffon is attached. It may, from what I remember, be easier to cut the whole model/saddle off and rebuild, rather than trying to simply remove the rider?

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That stinks. What about the reaper alternative? This is the beast with a few WIP photos:

I already bought two of the Island of Blood ones…

It took me a day, buying new tools, and relearning basic Milliput, but they’re on there now.

This is basically what I ended up doing; I’m going to have some beautiful enscorcerelled elf armour objective markers at some point…

Nolzurs d&d range also has a flying griffin that will fit a perry rider (there was a standing one in an earlier range that was nice, but couldn’t have a rider - unless surfing style!)

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