The Black Hearts , Twilight Kin Army

I would like to share my most recent project , a twilight kin army , made up of models I already had and some judicious eBay purchases , it has been a labour of love for me as Dark Elves has been my Fantasy Army since the early Eighties :slight_smile:



Lots of nice work, the multi-basing - particularly the chariots - is quite well done :+1:

Thank You :smiley: The Nagash was used as a special Character for a one day Tournament , Shroud of the Reaper-Wisdom of Death, to represent the Reaper , I am pleased to say it was voted Best Reaper on the Day :slight_smile:

Congrats for that :smile: I assumed he was an arch-fiend!

:smiley: I use this guy for that :wink:

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Very nice looking army

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Very nice army. I like the colour scheme (Not dark, but colourful, tones not too intensive, like sunlight is slowly fading away)

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Great army. Love twilight kin, the fluff is awesome, just need to hope mantic show them some love in version 3.

Great paintwork, you can tell you have put a lot into it.