The forest came alive and took them!

My Sylvan Kin (formerly known as wood elves) army transitioning from WIP to ready for Conquest in Oslo in January


Great looking army! The units are very dynamic and I really like the job you did on the bases, they look quite natural.

And welcome to the forum!

You have a lot of the same models I do, but you can actually paint! : ) Great job-- dryads are my favorite, ver natural looking without being blah.


Now label the new unit names! My UE book is in the mail!

Bloody gorgeous colors! I have always loved the models. It would be pleasure to roll dice with such an army opposing me.

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Looks really good mate. Love that Reaper Dragon. Such a cool model.

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Never seen the Raging Heroes tree dudes in the wild! They look great all ranked up. Shout out to Morvahna too!

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