The forum app?

I’m not clued up with this kind of thing in the slightest, so the answer is likely painfully obvious to those who have the faintest idea.

When first I signed up for the forum it installed a nifty app that let me access the forum more easily, but I got a new phone and I’m not sure how to find and install it.

Any very basic and obvious instructions?
Pretty please.

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Most likely it’s a shortcut which you can make in your browser. When visiting the forum main page, look for browser options, and then something like “Add to Home” to see if it makes an app symbol (a shortcut really) on your phones menu.


I’m in the same boat as Dark black just changed from a 3yr old Samsung A5 to a new Nokia 5.3 running Android One.

I too remember the KoW Forum app on my old phone, It was not just a desktop shortcut to the forum because it didn’t have a browser address bar etc at the top.
The icon was a grey block with a speech bubble inside iirc
I wish I hadn’t factory reset the phone or else id go back and take a look.

I have spent about 30 mins looking around for a link or solution to finding the “app” but alas not found it.
Maybe it was a feature of Samsung or the earlier versions of Android :confused:

I seem to remember the forum suggested I download install it other wise i wouldn’t have known it existed.

Anyone got the app ??

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The software is called discourse.
The grey speak bubble is the default logo.
Check for an app on the Play store.

If not, making a shortcut works fine. With the new logo even.

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I had the a similar experience but on a single phone so I can say what happened on mine at least.

My cool ‘app version’ like you described actually ran on chrome and the browser was only being run by the app which had no search bar etc. One day I noticed that I had chrome installed and needed space so deleted chrome. It broke my ‘app’.

I then reinstalled/remade it (forgot how) using firefox and now it only runs in the browser, no longer in the cool sleek app-like thing. I can’t be bothered to test it further but maybe it can help you guys out.

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Fred , Morowfang. Cheers guys I’m sorted now.


Chrome was the key!

Works a treat
Thanks again! :grinning: