The Herd (updated for 3.5)


  • Guardian Brutes - gain Pathfinder & Brutal, lose WC D3

  • Tribal Trappers - Me 4

  • Chief on & Mino Chariots - Sp 7, Wav +1, lose Strider

  • Mino Chariots - upgrade [1] option, plus Strider & Pathfinder, plus additional +1/+1 Ne for 30pts

  • Longhorns - Rallying 1 (Herd only)

  • Great Chief - 95pts, upgrade [1] Dread & Aura WC 1 for 15pts

  • Formation - Tribal Tracker (+20pts), 2xReg Tribal Trappers (+5pts each), gain Ensnare, Tracker 11/13 & Aura Vicious for Tracker keyword, D3 damage if attacked in dif terrain

  • Avatar - Dragony Hero (Mon) 285pts

  • Centaur Hero - Aura Centaurs TC 1, 160pts

  • Gain Scorchwings & Hydras from M List

Changes via Master List:

  • Scorchwings - De 4, Att 7/14
  • Treeherder - Wilt upgrade, no artefact
  • GW Druid - within 6" of core elemental = reroll 1s on Fireball, Blizzard, Heal, Hex & Surge; upgrade [1] once per turn target second Elemental unit with same or dif spell for 25pts
  • Horde option for Bray Striders

Initial impressions:

  • Not a fan of rolling WC so that’s good
  • I’m okay with losing Strider as it seems like the least chariot-like ability
  • Rally on the Longhorns is cool & useful
  • Formation’s interesting but niche
  • A Chieftain with the wings (a birdman I have) looks more appealing
  • I really wish they’d included a Guardian Brute character
  • Good to see the Avatar back
  • Don’t know if it fits, but nice to be able to take my hydra
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Upshot - working on an Avatar conversion


Love the changes overall, with the exception of losing strider on the Mino Chariots. I’m hard pausing on my reg of them and considering just making some Guardian Brutes instead, and eventually making a more beastial Stampede because IMO that’s the way to run that unit now, as a single upgraded reg.

My current plans for my Herd:

  • I was already planning to print and paint the minis in that formation, so calling it kismet :smiley: Waiting on some satyr KS sculpts to arrive.
  • I used to take a Great Chieftain (I dig combat individuals) but it was phased out for Centaur Chief(s). The points drop puts him back in the running and the upgrade is excellent. Printing a new model when that KS arrives.
  • Gonna make a Guardian Brute horde now that they’re a little more functional (global pathfinder is one of the reasons I play Herd!), even if still kinda expensive for me.
  • I was already planning on doing a Chieftain on Chariot, and that’s a platform where I’m happy to have the Sp 7 trade for Strider.
  • Currently printing a Hydra, because I’ve got a sculpt I love and I don’t have a titan yet, even if it seems bad :kissing:
  • Speaking of titans, I’ve got a Greater Earth Elemental to the GS stage but man, I hate having to fill gaps … (not COK related)
  • While I’m not very interested in the Avatar, it does have me sourcing verdant dragon sculpts :thinking:

So yea, I’d say I’m inspired!

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I’m super stoked for the Avatar just from a hobby perspective. Been looking for an excuse for that for awhile.

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For the Avatar, I’m going Ogroid Myridon with Varghulf wings, as my force is beastman heavy. Something like this but totally different colour scheme:

Bit jealous of the options open to a more FoN Herd army though.


Sounds imposing!
I’d like mine to look similar to the old Wood elf Orion, not sure yet though.

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If I was starting from scratch I’d go for something similar

Might go full dragon on mine:


I don’t know how good it would be but I’m going to have to try a horde of Bray Striders (think I just about have the minis).

Also keen to give a Chieftain with the Horn of Migration a go - another interesting modelling project.

I already had two troops/one reg of trappers done but will put together another couple of troops for the formation. Plus they just got better overall - with TC 1, Me 4 means they’re quite nasty in a flank.

Quite impressed with the page of updates - there’s a nice mix of tweaks and new stuff. Happy that The Herd got equal treatment this time around too.

I printed that when it first came out and the wings are very fragile :slight_smile:

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I wish the tribal trappers had got steady aim instead of 4+ melee.

It’s good, but I want to be shooting and moving…

I thought it would have fit the mobile herd theme.

Good to know! I’d also probably be printing at a smaller scale, meaning extra fragility :thinking:

The trappers would need a few more changes to be decent archers. I wouldn’t have minded Steady Aim, but see the ranged attacks as something to do before they sneak in for a flank/make them harder to ignore. The Herd are on the whole a CC army - a bit of shooting is fine but I’m not sure I’d want to see a ranged build particularly - would involve a bit of an overhaul. Just my take on it, mind.

Could you replace the most fragile parts with some more durable plastic Sylvaneth bits? Might hold up a little better?

The Lycan Alpha & Centaur Chief are more tempting now with straight Inspiring - can run with a range of the faster stuff.

I suppose the stock of the Moonfang has fallen slightly, now squeezed by the Alpha & Chief on one side and the Avatar of the Father on the other.

I suspect my resin is up to it, it’s pretty tough stuff. Regardless, probably find out soon!

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I’m thinking it’s probably more important to include a character hunter now as there’ll be more key pieces with auras and othe rules due to upgrades, increased [1], formations etc. Worth taking down to stop the buffs, but they’ll also be more expensive than before.

What do people use at the moment?

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The Great Chieftain seems like a decent pairing with wings - TC1, Pathfinder, and Cat (crows?), plus the pts drop. Still 145pts though.

A Centaur Chief with a Cat and Scythe of the Harvester could put out the same to +4 attacks compared to the Chieftain against a Inf character. Not much cheaper at 135pts.


Also interested by a Mino Chariot troop with the Skirmisher’s Boots. Cheap Nimble seems good on a pretty heavy troop.