The Host of Lionstone (Elves) [UPDATE 7.5. Alarielle / Archmage]

Long live the queen! To this date, Alarielle is one of my absolute favorite models GW has ever done, especially when it comes to lady elves! I’m probably going to be using her as an Archmage, although that would make her the third Archmage model I have, and not sure if I could ever find use for all of them at once :smiley:


Looks good, so where did you get the maiden models? I tried looking for them on eBay with little success.

Thanks! I got the first 15 models many years ago when GW still sold old stock (early 6th edition) and have been picking up the rest here and there whenever they’ve come available at local second hand groups and the like. Sorry to hear that you haven’t had luck, I think looking at a local level will yield better results, but a lot of people’s stock has been scrounged up by wicked people like me :smiley:

Here is a source of maiden elves, assuming your wallet can bear it!

They look marvellous… if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re in Euros and not US Dollars.