The Host of Lionstone (Elves) [UPDATE 7.5. Alarielle / Archmage]

Greetings and salutations!

I’ve been gaming for quite a few years, but only fairly recently really got into the repainting and remodeling of my old elf army from my 6th edition Warhammer days. I much prefer the ruleset of KoW, and would be happy to hear some input or contructive criticism on my work! Due to the army’s past life as High Elves, the units have command groups and sometimes the champions are shot in a separate picture :slight_smile:

Elf Kings/Princes on foot

Dragon Kindred Lord

Drakon Rider Lord

Elf Mage (he has been based since this picture)

Drakon Riders Regiment

Palace Guard Troop

Palace Guard Regiment (Has been based since the taking of this picture)

Palace Guard Regiment

Stormwind Cavalry Regiment

Stormwind Cavalry Regiment

Silverwind Cavalry Troop

War Chariot (has been based since the taking of this picture, and joined by one more)

Therennian Sea Guard Regiment (They have been based since the taking of this picture)

Therennian Sea Guard Regiment (They have been based since the taking of this picture)

Kindred Tallspears Regiment

Kindred Tallspears Regiment (still require snow on the bases and a last layer of highlights on the gold)

Kindred Archers Regiment

Bolt Thrower

Allied Great Eagles


Looks really cool man!
Love the lion theme on them, definitely some of the best tall spears I have ever seen.
Good job!

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Love the color pallet, the lion model range and the attention to detail. Great job!

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Thanks! I’ve actually converted the bolt thrower to be more “lioney” as well since the taking of that picture, new pictures coming in… whenever I have the chance to take them :sweat_smile:

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Here’s the first test model for my Gladestalkers. I am not yet sure about whether to do the scalemail on green like the rest or dark metal to set them apart from the rest of the army, a bit darker and more grim look. What do you guys think?

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First batch of Gladestalkers ready! The lighting is off, so they look a lot darker and more flat than in real life, but overall I am rather satisfied. The varnish left a bit of an odd finish however, not sure what happened there.

I think for my future pictures I need a lighter colored background for the units. Maybe I can swing one for an army picture, somehow…


A quick glimpse of the entire host, assembled to answer the call for aid from a watchtower! Also some better pictures of some units :stuck_out_tongue:

Griffon Knights (Drakon Riders)

Made some changes to the RBTs, giving them a small “lionesque” flair

Chariot regiment is also ready to go

And next projects:
Second Standard Bearer

Hunters of the Wild


And I’m back again! Life’s been really busy, but with the 5g signals and exploding bats slowing things down, I have time to do some hobby work again! This time I’m making a stand-in for Argus Rodinar! In my army, I will be using the rules, but my own fluff: an elder elf strategos, taking to the field to guide the young ones in how war SHOULD be fought!

First time ever test assembling anything too! The mage is there to show scale and such, he won’t be the final model, but I needed a stand in :slight_smile:

Feedback most welcome!


Well, while the battle throne thing’s undercoat is drying, I decided to finish my second Army Standard Bearer . Behold!

Painting skills are a bit rusty after 6 months or so, but still turned out pretty ok IMHO. The banner is being made by a friend of a friend to be printed out later, I suck at freehand and have no graphic design skills, so outsourcing is a must :frowning:

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The Argus model looks very exciting! :slight_smile:

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Decided to shake a little more rust off my painting skills before getting to the strategos, so instead I finished my second troop of Silverbreeze! I know they’re more effective in regiments, but as I don’t have anything that could be used as the Cat Chaff, Silverbreeze will have to fill in for now!

EDIT: Note to self, remember to add the picture…

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Welp, got everything done! Here he is, the (as of yet unnamed) old master strategist of the Lionbane family! In canon he’ll be the one to have tutored the current lord, and still remains a venerable and respected, if somewhat crotchety, master of strategy and tactics in service to him.

Used as Argus Rodinar


Great looking !

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The green, white and gold colour scheme looks fantastic. What green do you use? I think I need that for my elves too. Also where are the lion (?) riders from? I especially like the chariots

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The green is fairly simple Black undercoat - Caliban Green base - Warpstone Glow highlights - Waywatcher Green glaze :slight_smile:

The lion knights are my own conversions using the lions from the plastic High Elf chariot, various mounted elf legs, top halves of the plastic White Lions and some custom shields I found online along with some bits and bobs I happened to have in my bits box.

I’m glad you like the chariots, I do too! I just wish they’d be a bit better this edition :frowning:

That is one very impressive looking force. Nice to see a clean and original colour scheme for Elves.

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I’ve always felt kind of bad that I don’t have that many White Lions in my army, so I am happy to show a new addition! A brand new Troop of Palace Guard!

I would like to have 10 more to have two units of 20, but preferably the ones that I don’t have models for yet to keep the units have some internal variety.

I also finished the rest of my Shadow Warriors (to be used as Gladestalkers), and much like the army of Liechtenstein, they have picked up a friend from somewhere on one of their rangings!

And finally, I have finally finished all of my Maiden Guard models! Still need a few models to get this one up to 20 as well, but until then, unit fillers will have to do! Probably will use as Therennian Sea Guard, but equally likely they’ll be used as Tallspears

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Looking good!

Every time I see the now out of production High Elf models, I am flummoxed that GW scraped the line, and to add insult to injury plan to replace it with those new cow mountain elf abominations. Seriously, GW… your 6th edition High Elf, Dark Elf, and wood Elf lines were and are some of the best Elf kits the market has ever seen. Feels like a crime.

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Well, some of the old models do look a bit static (Swordmasters…) but for the most part I absolutely agree with you. There ARE good things about the latest sets, but unfortunately the ridiculous sized helmets do kind of ruin a good thing.I do have to say that I LOVE the new Eltharion model though, will probably get him at some point to be my Tree Herder, since my Forest Shamblers are going to me statues brought to life to defend the realm, rather than livng trees (more in line with the “civilized” aspect of my elves, rather than being all Forces of Naturey)

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