The Ogre Crew of the Skinned Elf

Jock Wreckham and his band of Ogre Privateers

Jock Wreckham

Jock in Chariot Mode

Chef Rotgut

Horny Hagrath

And Hagrath’s Beaters


Blackhart’s Boomer Boyz

Some More additions!






Red Goblin Blaster

I’m aiming to get them all fluff and names to add to the portfolio!


This is wonderful. Love the old school ogres.

Absolutely lovely!

You got an army shot of the whole crew?

Very nice, Ive seen some good f these in the flesh and they are even better than they look in the photos

you should make them a ship. maybe use the Mammoth W/ Ballista stats for it, and have a horde of red-goblins portaging it to explain it being on land. alternately, maybe just a Colossal giant carrying it on his back.

Matt, these look great. Hope you visit us again over here in the US soon.

It’s pretty embryonic at the moment and only about 1k. Also on hold a bit until 3ed turns up. I will try and sort out a team photo some time.

I have plenty of kunnin plans involving ships, mammoths and Giants. I just need to wait until 3ed drops as I don’t want to model a load of stuff and it not be useful. In the mean time I am just going to crank out infantry.

Have added some more pics and finally got a half decent group shot. Picked up second best army at The Jack of Herts event.