The Riverguard Deep - new TR army

New army painted up, lots of pics here :slight_smile:


Very cool! :star_struck:

beautifully creative army and fantastic work and painting. In answer to your question I think we all know it will definitely be featured on the KoW update, or a plague of frogs will visit Steve :wink:

This is gorgeous!

Stunning use of frogs! Brilliant!

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

Said it on FB, but I’ll say it again, love the army, great job sourcing minis to expand the Mantic Amphibian Realm into other units :green_heart:

Solid. Love the greens!

Awesome to look at! Very well done and great idea

That is greener than my Orc army. very nice.

Cheers, and a last few units to bring it up to 3K :slight_smile:


That is a lot of Mexican Staring Frogs of Southern Sri Lanka… :sweat_smile:

Great looking army!

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I have to ask… Where did you get the miniatures ? Not the Riverguard itself, but the other great Miniatures ? This is the army my son always wanted to have !

a mixture of Slaad for the depth horrors, and Gale Force 9 Froghemoths for the Kraken. The dam busters and riverguard are Mantic, and I think he said that there were some Reaper minis for heroes in there also.

Thanks Gerrcin, yes it describes where they are from in the linked to blog post f you click on it :slight_smile: