The WINTER WAR - A Narrative Campaign

Sharing this here in its own thread as it’ll get jumbled up in the Black Order thread. With more than a slight hint of naive hope, my gaming group in London has gathered for a campaign in Kings of War for which yours truly has written the ruleset and made the map.

Today the Winter War begins. For anyone interested, here are the warring factions - rules to follow!


Here are the starting positions for Sunday - and the physical tokens we’ll be using to mark territories for the first two rounds. Players get to take these home (well, the ones corresponding to their faction anyway). Was quite fun albeit lengthy making them :slight_smile:


Events for Campaign Turns One and Two…


And here we are with the first few games. I didn’t manage to get many pictures as our first campaign day was preeeeetty tight on time - 4 games (of varying sizes) in 8 hours. Next time - more pics of battles! Here’s where we are now…

And for our next games…


This is really great stuff mate - lovely work. Credit to everybody involved

Thank you for sharing this, it looks wonderful. Really looking forward to seeing it develop.

Also I will most definitely be getting my group to do a version of this.

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Impressive, I am eager to read more!

What, this looks amazing. top notch!

You can’t beat a bit of Narrative play! Thanks for sharing

Very impressive.

Looking forward to updates.

This looks awesome! Much work went into this! Thank you for sharing!
Plus the armies look great!

How is the pairing done? I mean how do you decide who fights for what hexagon?

Love to see more narrative KoW stuff! Eager to see whats next.

Also, would be cool to know what campaign rules you use

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I second this enquiry into what rules are being used.