Theme based lists from other units?

What is the general consensus about using models not completely related to the unit description, but in the same flavor vein? IE: A Trident list, but instead of Naiads everything is frog based? Not trying to cheese any of the aura or inspiring rules, but more so just trying to make my favorite little jumpy bois into more than just the limited units that already exist in their list.

For example, I can have a set of heart piercer equivalent in frog format, where they forgo the flying abilities for the same abilities of their naiad counterparts (without changing their keyword from naiad as not to mess with buffs from other units that wouldn’t normally, etc). The only ranged option is riverguard (and I plan on using those too) but wanted to also have options. I just didn’t want to run into problems playing locally if the description of the models in the lore didn’t even remotely match what is displayed.


Provided it is clear what all the units are, KoW is entirely model agnostic, so have fun.

Try to ensure stuff that has a ranged attack vaguely looks like it - so maybe frogs with long tongues or are spitting etc. Look to avoid using the same/similar models for different units


The main thing is not to be confusing to your opponent.
Make sure they don’t look like riverguard, somehow.

After that; try to have models that give a rough idea of what the stats are by the look of them.
Ranged attacks should mean ranged weapons, units with phalanx should have spears, large infantry should be taller than 28mm humans, etc.


Yep, going to model the units to reflect their purpose for sure. And I think I’ll give them some fun unit names (same stats as their actual origin point so there are no points shenanigans or anything) just to make them make more sense. I guess it’s basically homebrew at that point