"There once was a ship that put to sea" KoM for Armada

As a fan of old pirate movies and naval games in general Armada is a must

and of course I need a generic human fleet along the others (as well as I like to convert my models and KoM are a great opportunity here)

so after I got the KoM cards I decided to start small and bought a Brig & Frigates box in addition to 1 Brig and 1 Frigate sprue I got from Wargames Illustrated

first things first (to get in the right mood)
(how to you link vidoes directly?)

because there are 2 different Frigate sized ships in the list and I have more Brigs than I need I decided to cut off the front of one ship and the back of another to make a larger Brig and a smaller Brig that can be used as tiny ships (1 per Base)

because the Warlord ships are deeper in the water than the Mantic ships, I added plasitc card underneath to add more freeboard and also started experimenting with plastic card for sails (instead of the paper sails coming with the box)


Nice job - look forward to seeing the completed fleet

some progress, cut the masts of the ships down for easier play and added some sails