Third Edition gaming day - NOT A TOURNAMENT (Leeds, UK)

We don’t know about you, but we don’t want to wait until both books are out to start playing KoW third edition! So we’re hosting an informal gaming day at Leodis Games in Leeds on Saturday 23rd November 2019.

There’s plenty of free parking at the venue.

THIS IS NOT A TOURNAMENT, we wont be keeping track of the results of games, it isn’t worth any ranking points and there aren’t any prizes. Instead, it’s just a chance to come together for the day and know that you’re guaranteed 3 games of third edition against 3 different opponents.

There will be 3 rounds and each round you’ll be randomly drawn against an opponent. We’ll do our best to move match ups around if you end up drawn against someone you play regularly.

Rounds will last 2hr15m. Its completely up to you if you’d like to use chess clocks. If games are still going on at the end of the round, we’ll just ask you to bring them to a close.

Hellos 09:30
Game One 09:45
Lunch 12:00
Game Two 13:15
Game Three 15:30
Goodbyes 17:45

The games will be played at 2000 and you don’t have to use the same list (or even the same army) for every game. But please try and have your alternative lists written out beforehand so we’re not having to wait for you to re-write a list between games (Don’t forget EasyArmy wont have been updated yet!!).

We’re not putting any food on, but the store is near a high-street full of shops and we’ve factored in an extra long lunch break (1h15) because the Abbey Inn pub is just down the road and they do incredible stuffed Yorkshire puddings.

Tickets cost £5 and that’s purely to cover the cost of the table hire for the day. They can be purchased at

Think of it as a day long gaming club, but with three games already lined up!

We’re very aware that some people will only have armies that are in the Armies of Pannithor book, and so wont have rules by this point. Because of this we’re taking a much more relaxed approach to proxies. Feel free to use Fallen as Werewolves or Ratkin as Scarecrows etc. So long as it’s clear to your opponent what everything is supposed to represent, then it’s fine by us.

For more info check out the event Facebook page at