Third edition Rumours

Let’s round up some rumours!


Hopefully some juicy info will come out soon. :crossed_fingers: So far not much to go on. :man_shrugging:


Probably 400 pages now


@mattjgilbert sheesh, the book is growing eh? I gotta got that Gamers Edition too when it comes out :sweat_smile:


Yall ought to put it up for preorder now Matt so you can print more than needed.

Retailers will know what they need for pre-orders later this month… you won’t have long to wait. Just hit up your FLGS to talk to Mantic :wink:

I think because you’ve used the “word” yall… we’ll ban just you from buying it until after launch :stuck_out_tongue:

Id screenshot it if the old forums were available.

Back when the Clash 2018 book was in development the subject of how to buff chariots was a big one. People were tossing around every idea under the sun from what would become steady shot to fireing out the side arcs.

One of those ideas was a change in chariot unit sizes including adding a troop and Reducing the horde size and adding a legion as the current horde.

Matt Gilbert replied that, at the time, this change would be too impactful to add in a clash book, but that they had looked into it thoroughly and would most likely return to it when the edition change happened.

Behold, the edition change is happening, so i suspect to see some changes on how chariot units look.

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as far as new armies go, there has been talk in the fandom of Ophidia getting its own army (rather than just being part of the background for the Undead army). i am not sure if this was based on anything official, and certainly much of the speculation seems to run counter to elements seen i nthe undead army’s fluff for the region. (in the undead army the region sounds very much like a transylvania/central europe type place, but the speculation largely makes it this arabian knights desert type place. partly i think because of the one named character, Jarvis, having an ophidia connection. but people forget that he himself is not said to be an Ophidian, rather that he is described as being obsessed with ophidia and its magic, and having a book of Ophidian necromancy. which means he could easily be from somewhere else. perhaps from the region the empire of dust came from.)

i also wonder if some of the existing armies might not get split up a touch… for example i could see the Dwarf army getting split into Imperial and Free army lists, with core units shared but different flavors for characters and special units. likewise i could see them being able to do something similar with the Kingdoms of men list if they brought in more stuff from the historicals. with perhaps a Primovantor successor states list with more of the Pike&Shotte gunpowder focused stuff, and a more medieval/ancients list to represent the KoM that weren’t part of Primovantor proper.

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Today is the final day of Gen Con. Maybe there is still something to be revealed?


It can’t be long until the book goes to print so there will be many small reveals to get excited about soon I hope. I’m getting excited thinking about it!

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Really excited for 3rd. I think it will bring in some players that didn’t jump on board with 2nd after the Big Boom.


List has been updated. New points are:

**12. US will be a part of a unit’s statline in their profile. **
13. New rule “wild charge”, army special rule for NA. Units with the rule add between 1-d3 inches to their charge range (if random, determined before orders are given).

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Wow that point about extra charge range is very exciting! :bomb:

I totally agree here, a few people in my area have already told me they plan on starting up when 3rd drops.


I’m very interested in the new edition, too. But why should they insert an surprising number of additional attack distance? It’s actual very nice because there are only a few surprising events. It remembers me into an edition of warhammer, where the attack distance was rolled out.
For my opinion it is not necessary to implement such surprising events. The enemy will avoid getting into the thread distance and I think it will lead to distances where NA units will also not get in distance. It will avoid Fights I think.