Time for new KoW Dwarves?

We need new Mantic plastic dwarves. I can’t face the idea of assembling the various troop types from those uncooperative sprues, and I want to mix Vanguard models in with them, but they just don’t fit stylistically.
New Dwarves that follow the Vanguard design cues - so many of the original troop types were all made from the same template - rangers for example look nothing like the Vanguard model and Shieldbreakers are just ironclad with great weapons kinda welded on?
The Ironguard look like lumps of metal with unidentifiable details I can’t face painting in any logical way.
And the less said about Bulwarkers the better!
Abyssal dwarves got an army update, now we need one!

Full disclosure - I started KoW with my Warhammer models. Back in 2015 my only concern was finding a game I could use them in and KoW fit the bill.
But as I’ve gone on, I’ve become more enamoured of Mantic models and want to uodate my army to be 100% Mantic. I just can’t face doing it with the current stuff.

The Brocks are fine, Ironwatch are fine, so are the character models and war engines. I even don’t mind the Sharpshooters. The foot Berserkers are bland.

What say you?


I understand what you mean, but think there needs to be a sort of halfway house. Update them but don’t go full on with the look they’ve introduced for abyssal dwarves.

All that twiddly filigree on armour plates doesn’t suit dwarfs IMO.

But then I realise I’m an outlier as I actually like mantic a dwarf models.

We could really do with a new plastic sprue of berserkers. There’s little difference between dwarf berserkers and AD berserkers so one kit would easily do both.


Totally agree - I like the slightly more designed but still blocky vanguard sculpts (Which are also better anatomically).


The ironguard could definitely use… something. If nothing else, it might be nice to see some new options for heads


Just put together two troops of Dwarf sharpshooters. Only need basing now. They look pretty good.

The miniatures themselves can burn in hell. Frustrating as anything. Time Mantic dropped these metal/plastic hybrids from all ranges.

I wouldn’t mind but the pure metal miniatures in this kit we’re excellent. Why not just go all metal in the first place?


I’d like to see the range based on these minis


I quite like the brocks (once you know the hot water treatment) but that is about it!

Think it will be quite a while for the stocky buggers to get an upgrade.

Starting from scratch I’d just go oathmark infantry and mantic for cav and big stuff


Oh and we need some Mastiffs to buy separately!


That’s what I’m doing. Oathmark and Avatars of War for infantry with cavalry and specials being Mantic.

Should have went alternative with the long rifles as well. They do look good now but the building process was horrendous. These kind of hybrid kits do mantic no favours. They should come with free filler and a strong potion of patience.


Warlord mastiffs!!!

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I approve most strongly of this idea!

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I’ve really enjoyed the plastic dwarf sculpts. I swapped the Kite shields for square ones, matched cloaks to deliniate ironguard/unit champions and converted my own Bulwarkers. In fact their flat helmets are what inspired me to build my “travel friendly” dwarf army in the first place.

That said, I absolutely agree that the dwarf line needs an update. I was willing to do the necessary conversions to make them work and avoid the official metal/plastic hybrids like Bulwarkers. But for a beginner, or at least someone unwilling or unable to do that kind of stuff, they leave alot to be desired.


The clipping of the round sections at the bottom is a horrible job. I made my own Bulwarkers too, but it was a hobby grind!
keep the Ram Man helmets by all means!


These are great. Mine (doubling as Basilean Gur Panthers) are here.
They are a steal too.

They are ageing models. Not as horrible as the old goblins, but these have been replaced recently.

Looking at the more recent lines (Clansmen, abyssal dwarfs, ratkin) , they are much better than the old ones, so it stands to reason that the dwarves are on the line for an update. Looking at the other older lines, the undead seem to be holding up nice, but like the dwarves, the elves are in need of an update too.

Spoken about undead, especially the zombies and ghouls are still valid, not because of model quality, but because of aestetics and pose. The revenants, skeletons and mummies have not aged as well. The models I have painted times ago remain fine, but I wouldn’t buy new Mantic of these types as there’s much better on the market.


The Warlord mastiffs are fine but a bit too realistic to blend with the Mantic dwarf range imho.
I’d like something related to the current sculpts, based on bulldogs, but bigger and updates like they did with the Abyssal Dwarf ones.

I think the current Mantic sprues are fine as Ironclad, it’s the other troop types that aren’t served well.
Lets have distinct Shieldbreakers, Bulwarkers, Ironguard and Rangers.
Maybe keep the current sprues as Ironclad and Ironwatch and make a new kit that can make Shieldbreakers and Bulwarkers?

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I wish you luck!

Given that Huscarls still aren’t around, and they don’t even have an old plastic equivalent to fall back on aside from their Vanguard forms… yeah. I think Mantic is currently too busy making up entirely new ranges to finish/update their old ones. And they are cool, but until they scale up it’ll be noticably odd.


This has more or less been done to get dwarf style mastiffs?



The kits are getting old, but hold up ok IMO.
I want(ed) affordable gaming pieces that clearly represent dwarfs with some character and a bit of space to make them my own and look decent with a tabletop standard paint job.
That’s exactly what I got, especially with the ironclad.

As much as I appreciate nice models; I definitely don’t want something expensive and so intricate that it can’t get to a game table and be used in a game without breaking.

I don’t like the weird arm-beard interaction with the aiming ironwatch and the shieldbreakers with hammers up though.
Having an entire range like the Vanguard dwarfs would be amazing too.
There is only so much Mantic can do though and I think phasing out metal (especially hybrid kits) for all ranges should be the priority, before replacing plastic dwarfs.
Also filling out existing gaps. Lord on Large Beast for anyone?

I already have dwarfs though. Even if Mantic did release new plastic dwarfs in the style of the Vanguard dwarfs, I don’t intend to buy any more dwarfs (except possibly a Mantic Lord on Large Beast), The all-Mantic dwarf army I already have do the job just fine already.
Which is another problem, new stuff sells more and Mantic has lights to keep on.


If the Mantic dwarves would look different they would have been my first pick - I love everything about dwarves!! :heart_eyes:
The Brock Riders and the characters are so, so good!!
Just all the rest with the flat helmets :pleading_face: :-1:t3: - they look as if a giant fist has punched them on the head over and over again. :frowning:
I am all in when Mantic changes those helmets! :rescue_worker_helmet:


Have you ever been underground?
When tunnels get low you definitely want a hardhat/helmet and you absolutely don’t want anything sticking out the top of it.

So more bumping what’s above from below than punching from above, I think.