Time to play name that mini!

Okay, I recently discovered a bag of unassembled miniatures that i have no idea when i got them and no idea who the manufacturer is or what game they go to. Can anyone shed some light?

Another unpainted unassembled mini

The first looks very familiar but I am unable to place it. First I thought it was a mantic Forge Father but it might also be a GW space marine, terminator perhaps?

The second looks like a mantic GCPS Marine for deadzone/firefight

I know they arent gw or mantic. I may have gotten the first as an alternate terminator mini but cant remember. The trooper was some corporate marine i think was the name. Maybe a variation of USMC but i just cant remember. Ill try to put them together tonight and see if that helps. I like the minis, just wish i could remember what line/manufacturer.

And they are both from the same mini line, i know that.

are they ABS plastic?

They are some kinda plastic. Definitely not resin

definitely seen them before, I’ll go for a dander and see what I can find

There’s a miniature company called Zandris iv which has mech/power armour/ robot things which sort of look like something in the first pic.

Nah i just looked at zandris minis. Not them

i think those are some of the Anvil Industries old ‘AFTERLIFE’ line. you can still get them via STLs. the first one appears to be an Ajax Exomech.

they used to have a huge line of stuff, but that game never really took off. but some of the parts are still available in their ‘regiments’ line.

the infantry guy i think is from this OOP deal:


Yes! I thought it was called an ajax suit or something. They are out of print? dadgummit! I really liked those minis, even if i never got the opportunity to build and paint them.

Regardless, you rock my friend. Thanks for figuring out where they came from.

they’ve been releasing them through their 3D print file options, so not entirely out of print. but definitely not as accessible anymore.

Well done on tracking them down. :slight_smile:

they looked familiar. i remember wishing i could buy some of those Ajax suits when they were being offered through the store directly, even though i had no use for them at the time.