Tiny Kings of War Berlin Q1 2024

We are delighted to invite you to our very first Tiny Kings of War Berlin Tournament!
We will play three games of small scale Kings of War at 2000pts.
We play with all dimensions divided by two, and 10mm (or similar) sized miniatures.

Newcomers and beginners are particularly welcome to this event. We will pay extra attention to making sure everyone has the best of time. If you do not yet have a compatible half size Kings of War army: contact us! We may have one to lend over to you.

Participation is free, with a suggested donation of 10€ to participate to the purchase of mats and terrain.
There is an optional group lunch.

Registration form:

Tournament pack: Tiny Kings of War Tournament in Berlin - Google Docs (edit: link should now work!)
Event Timing: February 24th, 2024, 9.30am to 6.30pm
Event Address: Motionlab.Berlin - Halle 20, Bouchéestrasse 12, 12435 Berlin, Allemagne
Contact: Clément (PM me here, or on Discord).


Hey, that’s great Clem! If i had a 10mm scale army I would be tempted … :wink:
(So busy with regular Undead and Elves that 10mm isn’t even on my radar sadly.)

… but wishing you all a good time and lots of fun!

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Hehe, the event is in late February… so plenty of time to hack a half size army till then :stuck_out_tongue:

If you find time to come visit, know that several of our local players have 2, 3, or more 10mm kow armies, and they would be happy to lend them for the day. Just sayin’… :wink:

In any case I will post pictures, and we will organize more of these events! In fact, till now we did them “privately” with local players, without necessarily taking the time to make a formal announcement to a wider audience. I’m trying to change that from now on - for both 10mm and for regular, 28mm kow.

How did it go? Can you provide an after action report and more important pictures?

It went well! There were 12 people registered, 3 got sick/had last minute emergencies.
A few of them were basically brand new players, so it was good the number of folks was odd, as I could go between tables and help with rules questions and so on.

I think about half the tables used a clock but we did not run overtime at all.

I realized while doing it that there was a flaw with my spreadsheet to compute the northern king scoring, so I had to redo some parts of it during the event :smiley: Still worked out okay.

What else? We had elves, OotGL, Abyssal Dwarfs, free dwarfs, three undeads, and KoM. The player with the most experience won. One of the army was a Warmaster army on adapter trays, a couple of armies were not finished painting, but otherwise stuff looked really pretty!

People seem to have had a good time, and I did too! There will be another edition at some point, either early summer or early fall, tbc! I will post about it here when the date is confirmed :slight_smile:


Adapter trays is a cool idea since i want to work on my warmaster army as well (finally after over a decade).

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Btw. can you shate the army lists If available?

Warmaster adapters :slight_smile:

I need to look up the lists, I have them on my laptop and will post later:)

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Some impressions from the event


Awesome. where are the mats from, and are they 2x3 feet?

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Wow that looks great! Also a bit more relaxed than fullsize Kings of War, with the smaller tables? Can you play the match mostly sitting down? … if I wasn’t tempted before, now I am! :clap: :wink:

The mats are indeed 2x3 feet (except the snow one, it’s a 3x3 with a MDF modular frame to mark the 2x3 feet).

I… bought a brand new, 80€ 6x4, got a brand new blade on my xacto knife, held my breath and cut it in four :smiley:

I’ve bought a snow mat with the proceedings of this event, and plan to do the same! That tiny mat is not only cute, it’s also very practical! it fits on any normal table and lets you play a game very easily!

Yes, yes, and yes!
It does give you a neat perspective on the battlefield as well, like, you do see “everything” a bit better. And I personally find it looks really cool.

I have to admit, you must be chill when playing it, because the smaller scale (we do everything /2) makes it a bit more fiddly. So, you must play by intentions even more than usual, and I would say, cut some slack to your opponent when something is unclear if it’s a flank or front, for example. or simply roll for it.
It works IMO really well, and I have not had issues with it so far.

I still love 28mm, it has something going for itself, but… 10mm/half size really is worth trying for anyone and everyone in love with KoW! And I strongly suggest you do divide all by 2: it is IMO easier, and it allows warmaster players to join you at almost no effort (only cav troops for example dont translate too well, and heroes).


hmmm looks like I cant post PDFs here? not sure how to share the lists properly then.

Winner was an experienced player who took his elves (out of the now 4 armies he has in 10mm ;).
We had free dwarfs, abyssal dwarfs, order of the green lady, three undeads, and KoM.

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I salute you!! :muscle: