Tony’s Empire of Dust

Those Aeontrespass are pretty cool too.

Charon was going to be on my display board :wink:

reaper makes a Charon with boat:
metal sadly, but would still work well.

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GW has a Charon-like mini in one of the spells boxes.

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And then from the Slaanesh box there’s whatever that face puking hooks is:

You could put a bunch of snakes coming out of her hair area and run it like a Medusa!

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I’m actually having a snake theme too! Thank you for the ideas. Here’s my cursed priest along with Wingless Wyrms.


Really liking this skeleton+snake combo.

Is that snake 3d Printed?

Yes it is. The skeleton on top is from Wargames Atlantic.

Here is a WiP on my Enslaved Guardians. I’ve used Little Big Men studios decals for 40mm scale models on 3D printed shields. The models are just 3D printed skeletons that are 2x scaled (those bases are 40mm). I printed these over the other ones as I liked their dimensions better. I never got the helmets to look right, but I can always add later. Time to multi-base and finish up the banner.


Heck yeah big decals!

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Some updates pics. They are undefeated so far. 1-0-1 lol


Love the expression on the big skeleton’s skull!

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Where is the model from?

Some 3D printed skeleton I got off Thingiverse. Just blew him up to 200%.