Tony’s Empire of Dust

Here are my EoD WiP. I have based them on an Undead version of my Macedonians. Besides the infantry everything else is mostly 3D printed from Thingiverse.


Really cool. Love the elephants. They will be an awesome sight.

I`m looking forward seeing all the undead elephants painted. They would make Scipio shivering in fear :wink:

Where did the bone elephants come from!? :open_mouth:

3D printed from Thingiverse.

Thank you all for the compliments.

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Love it. The elephants are amazing.

Can’t wait to have a chance at playing against them soon. The live Macedonians were too tough for my rats, lets see if chewing on the bones is easier

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Problem is I keep changing my list to get anything done. Lol.

One cool thing with 3D printing is I found some cool skeletons that I can scale up 200% to use as Enslaved Guardians or even bigger to make Giants. Then I scaled down actual Greek Shields and Corinthian helmets from museum scans to put on them. I’m still learning how to get cleaner prints but my current print jobs are much better than the ones in the photos. I’ll take some pics tomorrow if I remember.

We need to play again soon when you get a break from being a dad.

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I think I might be able to start getting away for shot periods starting Sep, maybe

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Here are 2X scaled skeletons with down scaled shields and helmets.


Wargames Atlantic Skeletons?

The ones painted are. The larger ones are 3D printed.

Are any of those 3d print models available for sale somewhere? I don’t have a 3d printer.

Not usually. You can try on Thingiverse or check some local who might do it. Each mammoth is roughly a day to print, but material cost is around $0.80 usd if it doesn’t misprint. They do require a lot of work to remove bits and they are a bit fiddle.

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Ok thanks They look great. Along with Giant Skellies. What else you have planned?
I’ve been taking a long look at those Wargames Atlantic $Skeletons myself. :skull:

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I’m trying to find a suitable Greek themed Soul Snare.

I’ve been distracted printing stuff for DnD, but I’m still working on a Enslaved Guardians. I’m trying to lock in my 3D print settings so I can print larger skeletons without them being too fragile.

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How about a pair or thee of sirens sitting on a rocky prominence? instead of luring the sailors to their death, they suck the souls in with their combined magic?

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Also check out Apha Temenous & firends here:

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since it is mobile (sp5) perhaps Charon in his boat?

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Ok this model is awesome. Love how she is holding a baby Cthulhu after cutting it from her womb.