Tournament in the Netherlands 12 -12-21

We are holding a new Tournament in the Netherlands

More info via Facebook (sorry){"event_action_history"%3A[{"surface"%3A"group"}]}

You can buy tickets via:

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If you do not have Facebook, please reply in this treat

I would prefer a tournament.


Oke, i think we are going to do tournemant en casual play. We have people for them all.

I am waiting on the venue for ok. I will keep you informed.

The date is 12 december from 10:00 till 18:00
Location Trefpunt", Heuvelstraat 8, 5751 HN Deurne


Top post updated

I would like to attend!

That is great news.ithink there is 1 ticket left.

You can order here

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The Rulepack is update to facebook (kings of war nederland)
Remember to bring your QR-code and ID card.
Also cash because that is the only way you can pay for drinks at the veneu.

Here’s the tournament pack. (by popular request)

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@Hendrik , @michael from ccg, thanks for hosting! It was fun and I’m looking forward to pictures.

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It’s been a while, but here’s my view on the tournament and my army list:


RE: Your old list, bummer to hear the new cool stuff didn’t work out :confused:

As for the new one, my only comment is that knight hordes always seem to do better with Brew of Strength or Sharpness rather than terrain mitigation. The adage I hear is to treat them as a mega infantry horde that could charge up to 16" if it needs to, but isn’t necessarily there for that. The list easily has the points to accomplish this upgrade as well :wink:

Hi mate, no problem. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. It’s just that if I had taken the time to play a few more trial games, I’d found out before the tourney instead of during it. :wink:

The horde of knights serves one major role: being a gigantic target that you have to deal with (or suffer) and therefore you’ll probably ignore one of the other lesser hammers which can wreak havoc. I’d prefer to play it naked, but I find out that it’s very hard to manouvre the knight horde without touching some kind of hindering terrain, so that’s why I field it with the potion of pathfinder.